Thursday, September 23, 2010

I had the best lunch break today...

I sat down with a bowl of re-heated leftovers and turned on the TV. We don’t have cable or satellite so our options are limited. Luckily, we get PBS (who doesn’t?) and I love to watch some of the cooking shows on there. Today I caught Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen.
Nick is a fun guy and the episode today was a really good one in my book. He started out with a little bit of trivia about two of his ingredients….ketchup and worcestershire sauce.

Did you know that ketchup originated in China?

Anyway, Nick went on to create a fabulously simple meatloaf with these two ingredients and even added his Italian twist to it.

He then went on to create the most delectable-looking chocolate bread pudding which I will definitely have to re-create very soon!!

Life is wonderful – dessert just makes it even better!


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