Sunday, August 18, 2013

Coming back...?

...has it really been long past a year since I visited with y'all?
Just uttering that phrase reminds me of Gotye's song "Coming Back", although I'm sure you haven't been pining for me as this crooner describes.
hmmm...let's see what I can blame my absence on....
oh well, I've come up dry except for perhaps, laziness and busy-ness.  But also maybe I can add that I've also had a pessimistic attitude about blogging and bloggers, etc. (a story I'm sure you don't want to hear).  And if I really want to point the finger, I can blame google reader for going kaput.  I used to read and comment more on blogs when I had google reader, but then I was forced to switch to something else and I chose bloglovin, and that worked for a while but now my browser is not supported with bloglovin so I'm forced to switch to something like google chrome, which I really do NOT want to do (suggestions are very welcome here)
Anyway, enough about me.  I really came back to tell you about a new 'blog' in town.  You probably won't be too terribly interested since it has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, quilting and the like, but it has a great attachment for is written by my one and only son! 
So, I just dropped in to give you a link and encourage you to stop over and take a peek at his thoughts, as that's what he's offering up.  Perhaps you can 'amen' what he's saying and enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to life and growing up.  He blogs at De-scattering my brain (or attempting to).  I hope I got that's tough trying to remember how to add links and such so forgive me if I mess up a bit here and there.  Anyway, stop over at his place and tell him his momma sent ya.
I could also take this opportunity to try blogging again, myself, but I won't necessarily commit.  Not a whole lot has happened in the past year so you really didn't miss anything.  I still have the same old boring life here in Bonetown.
dork's mom...also a dork
I spend my days furiously sewing children's clothing to keep up with the demand on my Etsy shop and my evenings cooking for my husband and then enjoying the evening in front of the idiot box.  And I usually end my day with a long hot soak in a bubble bath paired up with a good book or magazine...what more can a girl ask for!  ;)
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