Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coming and Going...

Oh sorry I've been absent from posting for over a month now, and I know my followers are dropping like flies....ya - what a boring blog!  :)
I never did finish showing you the progress at Mom's house and to be honest, I never did get a final picture of her new office - shame!  One wall of the 'room' was the original outside of the house and it was german siding which we were going to cover up with sheetrock, so I told Mom she should put a secret message there that may one day be discovered by someone else who renovates the house (or tears it down - ha!) Mom wrote a special verse there and we 'sealed' it with the sheetrock in a new wall.

Anyway, here are a few more since last month.

new walls built, can see the german siding on the left

raised floor built and insulated

sheetrock up, snap-in laminate flooring installed

My husband went back for a few days the week following our initial stay and finished up as we didn't get it all done - painting, trim work, new door installation, etc.  I couldn't go as I had too many clothing orders to complete in addition to getting ready for our big working trip to Montana (that's where I am right now)

She is really pleased with the finished product and it really is a totally different room with a totally different feel - no longer stepping down into a converted porch, but now a fully intact and attached additional room / office.

So, then we made our journey to Montana about a week and a half ago and we are knee-deep in a double bathroom renovation for my brother's family.

somewhere in Wyoming

Sewing withdrawal symptoms are setting in as I miss my sewing room terribly!  I think I miss it even more than my own bed and bathtub!  I did bring my sewing machine with me and got a little sewing time in this past Sunday and perhaps I'll get to do a bit more soon.

I'll do my best to be back to share some pictures of the demolition and then re-structuring of this project, but right now I must don my overalls and report for plumbing duty....sigh.....

Talk to ya later!  :)



Shay said...

I'm still here Jenn!

The renovations are your Mom's look fabulous. A lot of hard work but well worth the effort!

You guys sound like good family members to have. When you're done with the bathroom at your brother's I have one here that needs a serious overhaul!

Pokey said...

It is ALWAYS nice to hear from you, Jenn! The office looks good, and I know Mamma loves it. I'm with Shay, come on over to my house next, lol!

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