Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Classic Bean Bag Chairs

This past Christmas, I didn't have time to make anything for my niece and nephew (Ellie and Jared), so once I knew I would be in Montana shortly thereafter, I decided I would take my sewing machine and we would tackle a fun sewing project/gift together.  When I was little my mother made each of us kids a bean bag chair out of the fabric of our choice.  I chose a faux sheepskin, my older brother had one made from cast off jeans and my little brother had one made from green corduroy.  She filled them with styrofoam packing peanuts and we loved those chairs!!  We wore them out and had to refill them several times as the peanuts broke down into tiny little pieces.

I found a similar pattern for a bean bag chair here and decided I would do the adult size for Ellie and Jared so it would be something they could 'grow into' as they got older.

I took the kids to the fabric store and they each chose a nice soft fleece in their favorite design and color.  My husband graphed the pattern onto cardboard and away we went cutting the pieces and assembling the bags.

Once we got started it really didn't take too long.  The kids each took their turn at the sewing machine and that was a lot of fun watching them concentrate and have fun.

Once the lining and outer shell were complete, we sent them to the packing experts to be filled.  

Using a special filling designed just for bean bag chairs (not packing peanuts) they were filled up and zipped up and then immediately plopped down into by two adorable and very thankful kids!

I hope they'll be used and loved for many years to come!



Shay said...

Bean bags are the best. Nothing like sitting in them and chilling out...

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