Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, the Busy-ness...

Hello, folks!  I'm writing to you from the fourth floor of the Springmaid Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC!

I've been so busy for the past few weeks that even thinking about blogging doesn't last more than a millisecond!  Today I am taking advantage of my situation and sneaking in a quick blog as I happen to be knee deep in a weekend-long craft show here in Myrtle Beach, SC - sitting on my butt, waiting for customers to walk into my booth and then out with an armful of Christmas presents - yeah, right!  I wish!!!   No, really, I am at a craft show, and it is in Myrtle Beach, although I am not enjoying lots of sales nor am I enjoying the beach!!!  Bummer, huh!  I was able to snap a few pictures before the show started and I'll share those with you.  If you're landlocked, you'll definitely enjoy them!!

It's been a cloudy weekend so far, but the ocean never ceases to be beautiful, no matter where the sunshine is!

Regardless of the lack of sales, I am thankful for the break from sewing and the chance to meet my fellow vendors and just to relax and do some people watching.  This lady has the booth between me and my husband and she has the most beautiful handwriting and uses her talent to decorate Christmas ornaments! 

I am also enjoying the adventure of camping with my husband in our little home-away-from-home.  We drove our motorhome down and are staying at the State Park.  Here we are parked at the resort for the big unload on setup day

We did this same show last year with such great success that we decided to get an additional booth for ny husband to sell his crafts....marshmallow shooters, water balloon slingshots and folding wooden chairs.  He's so proud of his own little booth!

 Unfortunately, in this situation, we don't have the luxury of being able to take turns walking around the 4 floors of crafts checking things out and visiting with other vendors.

Both my husband and I have been crazy-busy trying to get our stock built up for this show - his chairs and my quillows.  After this show, our last for the year, he'll get a break from the woodworking but I've got a TON of orders to fill from online requests off my website.  The NFL quillows seem to be really popular this year and I have stocked up on pretty much every team I can get my hands on.  So, after this weekend I'll be even busier (sp?) and I've promised my husband he's going to learn how to tie quillows next week!!!  That'll be fun!
So, that's where I've been recently and this will probably be my last post of 2009.  I enjoyed the few comments I received from fellow bloggers and the friends I have made thru this blog!
God bless you all in a very special way and thank you for your friendships and all the bloggy love!!

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