Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flexing my muscles

My PAINT muscles, that is....
Funny how something as simple as pushing a roller or a brush back and forth can cause such 'pain'.  I guess I'm flexing muscles that haven't been used in a few months!
Last time we did any large amount of painting was last summer when we were working on my husband's cousin's house.  Yesterday we assembled all the materials for the entertainment center and bookshelves for the Stumptown house and primed them all in advance...much easier than priming a finished product.
We did this at our house because it was roomier and more convenient.  It looked like we were running a sign factory in our driveway!
DH worked on all the large pieces of plywood and I got to deal with the little stuff.
While we were working, the delivery for the rest of the hardwood flooring arrived.
We chose to have this delivered to our house instead of the project because the last time it was delivered, someone broke into the house and stole 59 bundles of hardwood!!!  Luckily, we had carried 77 bundles upstairs while the workers were bringing it into the house, just to distribute it better.  The thieves either didn't take time to check upstairs for more wood or something because that wood wasn't was just the bundles downstairs that were stolen.
Anyway, today we'll begin 'ripping' the wood and then assembling the entertainment center and bookshelves at the project.  We'll be the equivalent of the Bonetown  IKEA today!!!
I'm definitely enjoying this sunshine!  I snuck away from the painting toward the end of the day when I still had some sunshine and was able to get some pictures taken of my latest shop installments - peasant dresses.
So fresh and pretty!!



notes of sincerity said...

Good Morning Ms. Jenny Lynn. :o)
Please drop by my blog to pick up a little something special I have for you.
Momma Mia, that is a lot of painting! You are doing a superb job. By the way, I am having garage envy over here!!!
Have a great day.
Sincerely, "Tricia Anne"

Shay said...

Cannot even talk about painting -since we are doing it again at the moment although judging by your pics you have wayyyyyyyy more to do than me.

The dresses are beyond cute!

Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

Hope your ok and have gotten rested up and over the sore muscles...I do know what painting can do for you...I still have a lot to do...It takes me longer to get over the painting then to do the painting. Trish

Kathleen said...

Trish is right - the getting over it is longer for me too! Adorable dresses!

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