Thursday, April 28, 2011

...* ~ * Aahhhhhhhhh...!! * ~ *...

It's been a very long journey since we started the Stumptown house (January 2009), and it's absolutely refreshing to breathe a huge sigh of relief and say that it's finally over!
 the empty lot
beginning of the project
Construction is my husband's passion, and I have learned over the past couple of years that it is also definitely not mine.  I enjoy the process of seeing a home built or renovated but I do NOT enjoy the physical part of it  - at all!  I'm still very young and yet lately I've felt 20 years older than I am.  I know this process is physically taxing on my husband's body, too, but his passion for it overcomes his pain by a long stretch!  So many times he went the extra mile for the homeowners by doing things that the average builder doesn't....adding little touches to make things extra special or extra durable, putting up a mailbox, installing blinds on the doors and windows and even combining all the papers, registration forms, manuals, etc...that come with all the 'parts' of a home, collecting them in handy binders with custom-made labels.  The bar top in the kitchen had a few scratches on it that honestly no one would have really noticed or even cared about, but he couldn't let it slide and spent another $175 to have it replaced.  I'm ashamed to say that so many times I told him he could have left this out, or not done that and gotten away with it, but he wouldn't go for it - he's not one to cheaply cover up his mistakes.  He even baked cookies for the closing attorney and his staff last night!!!  You don't find builders like that anymore and I'm truly honored to know one!
We had a mini celebration after the closing final little 'picnic' on the living room floor - tater skins and Cokes from the local gas station!!
We learned not only a lot about construction, but loads about ourselves and each other.  Even though there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears (more my tears than anything) along the road, I truly wouldn't trade this experience for anything!!
knockout roses in front of the house
I'll just post one more batch of some of the final pictures we took today. 
 family room

 master bath


 back patio

 private patio off the master bedroom
outside view of private patio on side of house

 Thanks to all of you who cheered me on with your notes of support ~ it kept me going! :)



Shay said...

That is truly a gorgeous home. The people who live in it are going to appreciate all those extra touches you and your husband put in there for years to come.

I hear you on the building thing-I hate it too. Renovating for me is only about the end result! Congratulations on finishing. (You sound ecstatic)

Mariliz said...

Gorgeous! My husband is also a builder and we built our home 3 years ago. It was so incredibly stressful.

LeAnn said...

Wow Gorgeous!!! LOVE that family room!!!

Kathleen (One Tree Past The Fence) said...

if this house comes with those brownies ... I'll have it too.

dang girl. it's so so beautiful.

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