Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Scent of Montana Memories

Today, my day was pretty much shot as far as getting any sewing done....I spent at least 6 hours getting lost in the big city of Columbia while trying to pick up miscellaneous construction and sewing supplies (and taxes - ugh).  No time to get into any cutting or sewing now, soooooooo....why not blog a bit!  Haven't talked with y'all in a while so a short 'chat' will be nice, doncha think?
The weather here is absolutely beautiful!  I sneaked a few flowers into my shopping cart while at Lowe's this afternoon and finally got the planters on my back porch filled with something pretty.
Never mind that the house itself is disgustingly cruddy in places - at least my pots are full of flowers and that's all that matters to me right now!  It's so nice to come home to a welcoming stoop surrounded by color!
Since Spring has arrived here in the South, my lilacs are in full bloom and they smell absolutely wonderful.  I caught a whiff as I was crossing the breezeway and it swept me back to my childhood in Montana.
Lilacs grow like crazy there, overtaking all the alleys and lanes.  We used to walk home from school down the alleys and smell the lilac bushes, picking them and tearing up the soft smooth leaves.  They were such an abundance it was really harmless.  Here, they don't grow so well and are often very spindly, lasting only a short while.  It really is amazing how a scent can carry you straight back so many years to a specific time and place!  I close my eyes, take a big whiff and BAM, I'm 10 years old and back in Montana, strolling down the alley and swinging my emtpy "Muppet Show" lunch box.
This fat little fella just didn't want to stay still to let me get a decent picture of him.  He was definitely enjoying himself.
I just couldn't leave that loveliness outside because I knew it would be gone in a few days and I wouldn't have time to walk out and smell the flowers each day.
Never mind that I don't have a decent vase for it!  It's just pure Spring and I'm loving it!!
The stork paid me a visit while I was gone....I came home and had 3 babies waiting for me!!!
This is my artistic shot...I call it...."Dummy Tummies"  :)
If flowers are blooming in your neck of the woods, I encourage you to stop and enjoy them and even take a few inside with you if you can!


Shay said...

Love the dummy tummies shot...truly creative.

What gorgeous flowers. It must truly be Spring in your corner of the world.

I think the coke bottle vase is perfect - eclectic and funky. The perfect foil for the flowers it contains!

Kathleen said...

Lovely pics, all. Yep, lilacs are one of the best smells. Love you vase and your dummy tummies!

Pokey said...

I've said that fragrances AND tastes can take you back, don't you think, Jenn? Thank you for such a pretty sharing of flowers, and memories....

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