Friday, May 6, 2011

Bonetown Baby

I looked out my window and saw that I had a little visitor today.

 And then she saw me!

She's the newest baby on the block and lives just down the road at Jason and Amanda's house.
We helped build their new home last year and they've already had their first 'baby'
Her name is "Reese"....kinda like a peanut butter cup....chocolate on the outside (ears and nose) and peanut butter in the middle!!  She's having a hard time with training and learning not to jump up on folks...much like any puppy.

Today she's riding around with her 'daddy' - he's here looking at the RV in hopes of getting it road-ready for our camping vacation next week.
I got my fingers crossed and prayers going up that it's not a lost cause because I NEED this vacation!!!


Mariliz said...

She is adorable! Beautiful RV, we sold ours 2 years ago, I miss it so!

Shay said...

She's a real cutie.There's just something about babies and puppies that makes me happy no matter what.

I hope you do get that vacation of yours. You've been working so hard. It's good to have something like that to look forward to.

notes of sincerity said...

Oh Jenn, she is such a cutie!!

Pokey said...

I'm a sucker for a puppy. She'd be staying over at our house! Hope you get to enjoy the rv...!

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