Monday, June 20, 2011

"Ick"-ing and rejoicing

Here's my thought for the day.
Or, perhaps it should be my statement for the day.
I don't like brown rice. at all.
Chewy little brown rubber nuggets....ick

I was trying to be all 'miss gourmet' tonight and tried a chicken dish with a dijon mustard sauce (the hubby liked that part) and since we're trying to eat more healthy, I fixed some brown rice to go with it.
Never again.  The rest of the box is getting donated to my mother who loves that crap stuff.
So, now the rejoicing part.....
I finally finished a HUGE order for a customer for like two thousand pairs of ruffled baby pants that have been hanging over my head for at least 2 months!
Actually it was more like 15 pair, but it sure felt like 2,000.
I've decided I don't like doing ruffles - at least not on such a grand scale.  I can't imagine being a seamstress in the early 80s!!
image found here'll also never find me working for Dolce and Gabbana
image found here that I've shared my heart with you tonight, I'm off to the bathtub for a nice, hot soak and then dive into these babies - no ruffles here!

Oh yeah...these too....a friend of my 'flung a craving on me' (as we say in the South) for some Mary Engelbreit and I started these dresden blades that now need turning and pressing.


Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

I like brown rice...when it's drenched in good gravy! ☺

Glad to know your ruffles are finished. Have fun with those Dresdens! Happy Tuesday! ☺

Shay said...

I hear you on the brown rice thing. I dont care how good it's supposed to be -Im not eating it.

Congrats on finishing all the baby pants - I hate ironing ruffles and would never even attempt to sew them.

Have fun with those Dresdens!

notes of sincerity said...

Oh Jenn, I am right there with you on the brown rice. I'd rather eat chalk! :o)
I *love* your hexagons. :o)
You wanna trade a few? If we are doing the same size, it would be fun to have a little of each other's in our creations. :o)
Your dresdens are too cute!! What will you create with them?
Those ruffles sure bring back 80's memories! :o) With big hair right along side of them!! :o)
<3 tp

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