Monday, June 13, 2011


....that I am!

I don't know why I let myself get to this point.  I get lazy as the orders trickle in and I don't think much of it, plus I usually have some HUGE custom order lurking in the background that I keep putting on a back burner because I just don't really want to get started on it.
Then, all of a sudden, I'm swamped!  This realization always seems to hit on the day when I'm the most tired, for who know what reason (probably also why I haven't blogged much lately - my blogging batteries have been dead.)

Well, it hit me today....Monday....ugh.  I don't really dislike Mondays since quitting the 'working world' and starting my own business.   Most days are usually just the same with none really being worse than the other.  But today, I definitely feel the Monday Uglies.....
I decided I needed to just jump on things, regardless of how I felt, and it would abate - get started and get on a roll, get in a groove, and as Larry the Cable Guy would say here in the South:  "Git-R-Done!!"
I was right!  My favorite saying came true today:
"Begun is Half Done!"


Now, if I could just pry myself away from this computer and get back to work!!  :)



Mariliz said...

Everything looks gorgeous! No wonder you're swamped, be careful posting those photos, you may get more orders! : )

Shay said...

Well despite it all everything you've shown off here looks lovely. Take heart - tomorrow is Tuesday!

(Tuesday is my Monday this week since it was a public holiday here yesterday - confused? Me tooo!)

Pokey said...

Hey, it sounds like steps forward are the right direction. I'm glad to see you say hi (even if it means a little side step for you, lol!).

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