Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blogging, hostas, rain and a pancake

I mentioned my thoughts about blogging in my last post and it's funny that I ran across this meme today that pretty much explains a bit of the blog concept

This is another thing that I don't want my blog to become...a popularity contest...reiterating that it's mostly just a place and time for me to share my thoughts, experiences and such and perhaps make new friends!

flower bed in the front yard with newly-planted petunias in the front row.

Last Saturday I planted some flower seeds here and there once I had cleaned out my flower beds and most of the packets stated that germination would occur within 7 - 10 days and some an even longer period until germination.  I was thrilled on Friday to see that pretty much everything is sprouting.  I guess the weather has been an ideal environment...sorta like a greenhouse here lately...cloudy, rainy, humid.  I feel like I'm living in either Seattle or London, but honestly, I'm not complaining!  There will plenty of sunshine and heat this summer for sure.  I got a killer sunburn on my shoulders and upper back last Saturday from working out in the yard and I'm just now recovering. 

Here is a picture of the hosta bed one week much has popped up!

Hostas require lots of shade and we planted this bed under the shade of a huge mimosa tree in our back yard.  The tree died a couple of years ago and each summer the sun literally cooks these plants and it ends up being a very ugly bed, to say the least.  We have just purchased a Shade Sail to install above in hopes that will create a beautiful shady area for these plants to flourish in.

Breakfast was fabulous today.  My husband is the chief cook on Sunday mornings and today he made an oven-baked pancake and corned beef hash for was so delicious - kinda like a cross between egg custard and a thick crepe.  I love Sundays!

So, today will just be a quiet, rainy Sunday - perhaps a nap or a chance to read a new book is in order.  Enjoy your day!  ;)


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