Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well, here I am, yet again, making an attempt to revive my poor, neglected blog.  I tried this about a year ago, I think, and didn't get very far.  Perhaps this time I can swing it!  I do have mixed feelings about blogging which is one of the things that has kept me away.  Often I feel like blogs can come across as "look how great my life is compared to yours" and I truly don't want to give off that vibe with my blog.  I just want a place to journal my life experiences with pictures and share it with others who might be interested.  I enjoy reading other blogs that mesh with my lifestyle, interests and curiosity.  So we'll just give this another go!

It's definitely Spring here in the South and yesterday was the first day I was able to get back into my garden and enjoy digging in the dirt.  Mostly just to refresh my flower beds and clean things up a bit outside.  We have a nasty problem with fire ants in our yard and regardless of how many times I treat the area for them, they manage to find a new spot to hide out and attack me - I'm terribly allergic to them!  So, I decided that my best protection from them would be to get some boots.  

I used them for the first time and didn't get bit once - on the feet, at least, but they did get my arms when I unknowingly placed my hand right in the middle of their domain.  They like to live under the border blocks of my beds so you can't see them until you put pressure on the blocks and then they swarm out in full force.

We have a hosta bed in the backyard and they just started poking thru the pine straw this week.  I love it when Spring "busts out" everywhere!

The goldfinches are almost in full color now and it's exciting to see them visiting my birdfeeder outside my sewing room window.

Hopefully today I can dabble in some quilting.  I spend my weekdays sewing for my children's clothing shop so Sunday is pretty much the only day I can do "pleasure sewing".  I've got my heart set on making some pot holders from Lori Holt's new quilt book "Farm Girl Vintage".


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