Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Started

OK, so I don't yet know all the bells and whistles that come with creating a blogspot and I don't really aspire to spend countless hours in front of my computer screen learning how to embellish my blog, after all, I am trying to run a business out of my home and the more hours I spend sitting in the chair in front of my computer, the less hours I'll get to spend sitting in front of my sewing machine, so forgive my simplicity at this point in my blogging.

"So," you say, "then what is your purpose for starting a blog?"

Well, I do have things to talk about and it's always fun to share pictures and experiences with strangers, mind you, and to hear back from them, whether they be words of encouragement, suggestion or even laughing with me about some of life's joyous moments!

Take, for example, this little cat. Her name is Mishi and she resides at The White House up in Heath Springs, SC. This is a wonderful place full of the artwork of Jim Shore and lots of antique linens and things. They have a great selection of quilt fabrics, too. Anyway, my husband and I were digging thru the antique linens and Mishi decided she would "help" us. She'd hide amid the piles and then jump out and attack. The linens were being sold at $10 per pound and I would have loved to pack this little kitty up in my purchase!

Back to my groanings on not knowing the ins and outs of operating a blog, can anyone tell me why my pictures always get dropped in at the top of my already-written post instead of where I insert them? Is this standard or am I doing something wrong...'tis quite frustrating!!!!

Well, I do have more things to share about what I've been up to since I started blogging, but the time has come for me to head back to the sewing room! Thanks for visiting and come back soon!



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