Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quilt Repairs

I finished repairs to the 4 antique quilts as requested by my customer and it was quite a learning experience. The first was eaten by mice and the damage went thru 3 layers of the quilt and required replacement of a couple of the appliqued flower petals - luckily I had some antique looking fabric that blended right in!
We went from this.... this...

It's nice to look at something like this and not notice the damages! What a beautiful quilt! The stitches on these quilts are so extremely small and close together that I couldn't even aspire to match them! Unbelieveable!

This one had just a few places where the fabric was rotted away and the cleaners wouldn't touch it until it was somewhat repaired...unfortunately the fabric color difference was drastic, although small, and again, mostly unnoticeable from a distance.

This one was probably the most damaged of all. Two opposing sides of the quilt were so torn up and rotten that we decided to encase those sides with fresh muslin, fold them over and tack them down and install a hanging sleeve at one end and then she would be able to display the quilt that way and it still appear "whole".

For the last quilt, it just needed to be bound with some material that she had with the was only about 20" and must've been very old because it was only 36" wide from selvage to selvage! Do they even still make fabric like that anymore? Anyway, as you can see, I ran short about 3 inches or so.....I raided my stash and luckily found an extremely close match and was able to finish the quilt (sorry - I forgot to take a picture of that!)

So, now I guess I need to clean my house and do laundry! Shucks - I really wanted to work on a quilt of my OWN choosing!....maybe tomorrow! :)

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