Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sweetest Guy...

Friday night, my honey and I went out for seafood.  Afterwards, we stopped by a friend's house for a quick visit and then headed home to settle into a movie for the night.  On the way home "our song" came on the radio.  We both went...."awwwww, our song!!!"  In 1991, our very first outing together was to see the movie, "Robin Hood" and the song just kinda stuck.

"Shucks," I said, "we won't get to hear it all - we're almost home"

Immediately, he slowed the car to 25 MPH.

"Yes, we will..."

So, we putted the last 8/10 of a mile home at 25 MPH.  Luckily, there was no one behind us on the country road.
We reached our driveway.
He slowed to 10 MPH.
We inched down the driveway towards the garage.
He took his foot off the accelerator and idled into the garage bay.
Just as the Bryan warbled the last "ohhhhh, I'd do it for youuuuu...."  the car came to a stop in it's resting place and he looked at me and smiled.

My heart melted.


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Oh how sweet.

Pokey said...

Love it. So neat how little gifts, moments in time, SHOUT love better than most any material gift.
Keep this guy close!!

My Larry is like that for me, too, we are blessed, Jenn!

Jan said...

Aww, that is so sweet.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Wow! That's just wow! Movie sweet! That BIll is a KEEPER! I think you two are made for each other, and I'm so happy that you have ROMANCE in your life! Have you guys ever read the 5 love languages book? I am wanting Cess and Jasper to read it soon. xxoo
Thanks for sharing!

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...


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