Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Weeks

Do you ever have times when you just don't feel like taking the time to post your thoughts and happenings, but have so much to talk about?  And then, don't you have those other times when you want to "chat" but don't have anything worth sharing?  Well, lately I'm in the first group.  I've got so many pictures, events and sewing finishes that I would love to share, but my time is so limited lately and it takes me so long to blog that I just lose interest easily.  I'm an easily distracted person anyway.
But, I did want to say "hello" to all my friends out there and to let you know that even though I didn't respond to every comment I've received recently on my posts, I loved each one!  I often wonder why I blog and why I even mess with it, but when all those lovely comments float through, I remember!  I love hearing from you all and I'm really enjoying the friendships I'm building slowly with each of you.  The encouragement you all send is so uplifting and so helpful when I'm feeling down or uncertain about things.  I had a strangely depressing week last week and still don't know why!  At one point I found myself quarreling with my husband (over nothing, of course) and then running into my study, slamming the door, and falling into a crying heap on the futon.  It wasn't too long and he was sitting beside me, asking me what was wrong - BEATS ME!!!! (no, my husband doesn't beat me) ha ha!
While he sat there, he told me he loved me and would always love me - isn't that amazing how just those words, said with integrity and meaning, can change your spirit so quickly!!  Sometimes all we need is a hug and a bit of encouragement - something to keep us going.  It must've been what I needed, because my spirits changed drastically after that.  Perhaps there was a bit of premenopausal hormone fluctuation in those tears and depression, too. 

My husband and I have been trying to walk 2 - 3 miles each night in an effort to whittle away some of the winter fat we're storing.  We are usually accompanied by the community dogs, Buddy and Dixie.

Last week, Buddy found some "cat jerky" somewhere and carried it around for a few laps.
I just adore these dogs!  It's nice being able to love on them, give them treats and play with them, and then they can go home!!   Kinda like being a gramma, I guess.

Anyway, I'm having a better week despite having to work on the construction project in this cold weather.    Speaking of, it's after 8:00 and I'm supposed to be at the jobsite!!!  Better get going or the boss is going to be mad!

I'll be back!


Kathleen said...

YES!!! This post hit home. And what a great hubby. And thanks for the belly laugh!

Rae Ann said...

So true to life! My husband always tells me.... Life gets tuff and the tuff get going. That is you Jenn! You are amazing at all you do and you seem to always go forward with a renewed determination... no matter what! Having a sweet husband like you do is a gift all in its self. What a jewel of a guy. He's definitely a keeper!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

We women tend to have those days.I've always though it had to do with hormones.

Pokey said...

Sorry for the sadness, but your sweetheart was just the ticket! Your monkey poster, and the "cat jerky" had us laughing here today!
Hope this day is going well.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Miss you ! LOVE you! I had to laugh, because I just read this, and I did not read it before posting my blog tonight. I had a crying jag of ridiculous gargantuan proportions last night. Yep...hormones! I have some supplements that will help though, if you are interested. They have CHANGED MY LIFE! :)
Good for you guys on the walking!
By the way, your ADD dopey friend forgot to stick your check in your package. I'll mail you one by the weekend, ok!?

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