Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Break

Today is a good day to take a break.  I'm expecting a flood of orders for next weekend so I thought it might be a good idea to relax while I can.  Last year, Cyber Monday was a great day for my business and I'm relying on it to be the same, if not better, again this year!
But for today, I'm breaking away from necessary sewing to fun sewing!  I have to admit, I really enjoy ALL the sewing I do, for the most part, but some is just more fun-ner than others and it truly depends on my mood, too.
Last year, I made and sold 169 quillows and this year I'm up to about the 120 mark.  You'd think I'd be sick of sewing them, but, really, I'm not.  I've learned not to push myself to do something when I really don't want to, and fortunately, it's not too often I'm in a position when I have to sew something by a deadline.  We all need breathing room, doncha think?  I knew a long time ago that if I ever made sewing my living, then it would take all the fun out of sewing, so I made it a point to never let that happen.
Thus, today I'm doing the "fun" sewing.
I purchased a quilt kit from Connecting Threads several months ago on clearance (at an unbelievably fabulous price!) and am morphing the quilt into a quillow (naturally).
I'm not crazy about some of the fabrics, but when you step back and look at the design and how the fabrics work together, it's rather nice.  In my business, I realize that I can't just make the things I like - I need to cater to several tastes.  I try to load my shop with designs and colors for all tastes - male and female alike.
So, here I sit today, working on chaining some flying geese listening to the bread machine churn away in the kitchen.  We're having meatball subs for dinner tonight and I'm too cheap to buy sub rolls - thought I'd make them instead since I have all the ingredients.
It's been sunny the past couple of days and in the low 60s/high 70s.  Today I'm working on laundry, too, and luckily I'm still able to hang my laundry out on the clothesline...taking advantage of the cost savings!
Perhaps I'll finish my book later on today.
It's due back at the library next week and I've already had it for two checkout periods - it's a real good read!!  I wanted to re-read my Harry Potter "Deathly Hallows" book next, but my son has it and is supposed to bring it to me on Thanksgiving, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen!  My backup is that if he forgets to bring it, I'll pull out my set of Narnia Chronicles and read them again.  I saw that they're coming out with the movie for the "Dawn Treader".  That's one of my favorites in the series.
We're also heading to the city later today to pick out some floor tile for the Stumptown House project.  My husband is back at work on it after pushing it to the side while we built his cousin's house this past year.  Praise the Lord, I believe we have a buyer on the house so hopefully we'll be writing a contract soon!  You'll probably see a few construction posts from me before the end of the year because he wants me to come help him with the tile and cabinets...I think I'm ready to get back into the construction mode!
Hope your Saturday is a fun and relaxing one, too, wherever you are!!


Pokey said...

Your sewing project is a neat one, was it a pattern with a kit from Connecting Threads? I like it! Enjoy your subs!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I read that book earlier this year Jenn and really enjoyed it. It's currently doing the rounds of my family and friends.

I cant believe you've made 120 quillows! Thats amazing.

I find it really hard to sew anything I dont personally love. thats probably why I dont sew for a living!

Its so lovely to read your newsy posts again.

Kathy said...

I can see that you really have the talent and passion for sewing Jenn. You sew very good and your design is very simple and yet unique as well. Now I start to imagine if it is possible to have these kinds of designs in tile form because it really looks so cute. Maybe I will start to visit some Clearwater flooring shops and floor stores nearby to search for extraordinary tile floors for our home.

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