Friday, February 4, 2011

It's raining in Bonetown...

I've been reading thru the book of Job for my devotions lately.  At first, I was skeptical about this book, because I thought it would be somewhat boring....verse upon verse of poetic justice and crying out due to suffering.  It didn't seem like a desirable book at the time for me.  I assumed it would just depress me - reading about Job's misfortune and the aftereffects, etc...
But, I have been pleasantly surprised!  I have been blessed over and over by the words I have read, digging deep to find meaning and apply it to my life ~ not depressing at all!
Today's reading was very fitting for my day.  Here is an excerpt:
          "How great is God - beyond our understanding!....
           He draws up the drops of water,
           which distill from the mist as rain;
           the clouds pour down their moisture
           and abundant showers fall on mankind.
           Who can understand how he spreads out the clouds,
           how he thunders from his pavilion?"
                                                                         ~ Job 36: 26-29
It was a very comforting and soothing passage for me to read - simply what I needed for today.  Every day I struggle with pain, whether it be from working with  my husband at the house project or even sitting at my sewing machine for hours.  Today I head back to the project and part of me was so resistant to it, causing the sour mood to start creeping back in.  I don't want to be a slave to a negative attitude...I want the joy that comes from working hard and helping where I'm needed.  I allowed the rain to soothe and wash away all those negative feelings and put my trust in God!  Reminding myself of something I already know:
God is in control...
                                       He nourishes and provides...
                                                                                               He cares for me ~  I've seen it!
It never ceases to amaze me how the timing of God's Word is perfect.  You can think you are behind in your reading because you have been lazy in your devotion time, but when you pick back up again, the words you read are perfect for exactly what you need at that moment.  That's not an excuse for me to be lazy, but simply a reminder of God's love, no matter what.
Yes, it really is raining in Bonetown.....and it's refreshing!!



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Seams Inspired said...

Beautiful post, Jenn! I haven't read through Job in its entirety yet. Thanks for sharing his wise words. As I'm sitting in my cozy den looking out at the cold, dreary day, it's exactly what I needed to read. :o) Happy Friday!

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