Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Birthday Boy

Today is my husband's 53rd birthday and I'm taking him fishin' for his celebration!  His idea of goin' fishin' is heading to the Seafood Hut and devouring a plate of perch and/or fried oysters!  It's a whole lot easier and tons less messy!!  I'm not a big seafood fan so he doesn't often get the chance to eat seafood, so I thought this was a nice treat.
He's such a hard-working man and he's so very good to me!
I love him dearly and I wish him 53 more years on this earth!!! (Longevity does run in his family - his grandmother is 95 and two of her sisters lived into their 90s!)
Happy Birthday, BueBear!!
P.S...There's still time to get your name in the hat for the fruit apron giveaway!  Please stop by and leave me a comment!!!  I so appreciate the advice I've already received and I need lots more ideas, and besides, I love hearing from y'all!!


notes of sincerity said...

happy happy birthday from all of us to you ... we wish it were our birthday so we could party too ... hey!

Have you ever heard that song before?! :o)
Have fun out on a "fishing date"! I usually order the shrimp and Woody the catfish (at our local fish house). ;o)

love, Tricia Anne

Shay said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jenn!

Enjoy the seafood dinner.

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