Sunday, February 27, 2011

My chair of bowlies....

Good morning!
It's an absolutely lovely Sunday morning here in Bonetown, with temperatures promised into the 80s in the next day or so!!  I was so busy sewing yesterday that I didn't get any laundry done, but today my DH and I will tackle it since it's the perfect day to hang it all out on the clothesline!  And then, perhaps a nice bike ride is in order!  I wished for some colder weather this past winter as I'm originally from Montana and prefer 'true' winter instead of what we usually get here in South Carolina and I definitely got my wish AND my fill of cold!  I'm loving that I live in the South right now!!!
Right now, I'm just sitting here with my little brother, Frankie, reading blogs and enjoying a cup of coffee.
I am so behind on my blogs, as I have close to 400 unread, but I can remedy that with a lazy Sunday!
Things have been extremely busy in so many ways....especially with my Etsy shop.  It's only February and I have already sewn more pinafore sets than I did in all of 2010!!!
On top of that, the quillow and nap mat orders started picking up.  All this sewing in addition to the work going on at the construction project, which, by the way is officially under contract (amen).
We're in the trim stage at the project and my husband is quite the craftsman and wanted to do some fancy trimwork on this one - employing ideas he's seen in magazines and such.
The headers over the doors and windows are put together piece by piece - not one large piece (although
they probably make them that way, but I'm sure they're extremely pricey)  We'll probably finish up the trim work in the next few days and then dive into prepping and's going to take a lot of caulk and putty to cover all these cracks and nail holes!
So, I decided I didn't need the stress which typically causes me to slack in my sewing quality so I made an executive decision and closed the shop for a week.  I figured also since it was my birthday on Wednesday that this could be a nice birthday treat for me - a break!!  Although, I really won't be taking a break because I have at least 15 - 20 pinafore sets to sew, approximately 10 quillows, one napmat and some alterations for a friend!   Phew!  I'm not complaining, though....I prayed for some relief from financial burdens and this is what I got!!!
I've felt free to purchase some more fabrics lately and can't wait to 'dig into' them!  It feels like forever since I did any quilting!  My life has been all about bloomers lately.
Have you ever shopped at Quilt Home?  I really love that website - it's super easy to navigate, user friendly and the sales are fabulous.  Right now all Tanya Whelan fabrics are 25% off!!!  I got me a nice big stack ready to cut into!!
Lovely, right!!?
Some of it went into a special gift for a dear friend.
It's all done, and just waiting for a good press, a few decent pictures and then shipped off to it's new home.
Well, I must go coffee cup is empty!  Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are!  :)



Mariliz said...

Hi Jenn, you have been a busy girl! The pinafores are adorable. Have a great day.

Shay said...

Hi Jenn,

Wow sounds like you've been madly busy but happy. I love everything you're doing. You really have aknack for picking the most gorgeous fabrics.

It's my daughter's birthday Wednesday too. Hope you have a lovely day.

notes of sincerity said...

Dear Jenny Lynn. :o)
Momma mia girl, you have been busy! :o) A belated Happy Birthday to you!! I hope it was extra special for you. The extra touches your husband is doing in the house are awesome! The home owners will be so blessed by them. And the fabric ... swoon! :o) What a thrill to be able to sew such pretty fabrics!! :o) And little Mr. Frankie looks right at home. He is a gorgeous cat and I know how much you love his company. :o) Sweet sweet little pinafores just waiting for a darling little girl (s). :o)
And my heart nearly stopped when I saw your special sewing. "Beautiful" is an understatement!!!
Enjoy these lovely days of warmth. It sure felt nice to climb into the 70's.
Sincerely, Tricia Anne

Kathleen said...

You always find such pretty fabrics. I think I have some of those pinks - love them!

Pokey said...

Hey, Jenn! I hope that Sunday went as planned. Your etsy outfits and the new fabrics are such sweet prints, it will be fun to sew any project with them.

Happy birthday, Jenn!

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