Sunday, September 12, 2010

He Ain't Heavy...

...he's my brother...
Or, at least, that's what my husband considers him.  Frankie is my mother's cat, so he assumes he's her baby and since I'm her baby, too, we must be siblings.

"Did you feed your brother?"

"Did you put your brother out?"

"Where's your brother?"

Ok, so I'll play along....besides my real brothers are quite a distance away - one in Virginia and the other in Montana...I haven't seen either one in several years, and this furry stand-in is quite loveable!

Oh, baby brother....I'm going to miss you!



Seams Inspired said...

Aw, what a cutie! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday! :o)
Larri at Seams Inspired

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

You mush be keeping baby brother for he going back home is that why your going to miss him...he is cute...I received the fabric....thank you again for sending it. God Bless Trish

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I know this post is about Frank , but I got so excited when I saw that picture which must surely be you in the actual flesh.

I love to see what people look like ( I'm not nosy - I prefer to call it naturally curious )

OK back to Frank - he looks like a very handsome cat. Isnt it amazing how they worm their way into our hearts. Man and animals were surely meant to co - exist .

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