Thursday, September 16, 2010

Helping Mom

We set out Monday on an adventure to go help my mother with some home repairs.  Last March she bought a house in "the ghetto" (that's what my kids refer to it as, and it really is, I guess) which she got at a real steal, but naturally was in need of much repair.  We did a lot of work on it prior to her moving in with the idea that we would return occasionally to help her with more repairs as time and money allowed.  We have a long list this trip and planned to stay for at least a week.
First day, we started cleaning out the attic as it still had a bunch of 'junk' left in it from the previous owners.
Among the pieces of broken furniture and an old ice cream churn, we found these
My husband put them all in the trash pile, but while he wasn't looking, I snagged a few to browse during the trip back home (sneaky, sneaky!)  They are all from the early seventies.
I'll post pictures of the 'goodies' on the inside another time.
So, after the attic was cleaned there needed to be some light.
I used these supplies
and did this
Hurrah!  Let there be light!!
I even installed a light switch right at the top of the stairs so it's easy for Mom to reach right away.
I'm starting to miss my sewing machine!


Seams Inspired said...

You go girl! I pulled wire from the attic for my new bathroom addition. It was a bear of a job! I need to crawl under the house and pull the connecting wires up to the breaker box. I'm not looking forward to it. Now that it's cooled off, I really have no excuse. Enjoy your time with your Mom...even if it is a work-related trip. Happy Thursday! :o)

Seams Inspired said...

Oh, I was so into 'me' I forgot to tell you what a fortunate find in those magazines! I bet they're lots of fun to look through. And yes, please post more photos when you get a moment.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Nice looking house your mother got and she is lucky to have such a sweet daughter....I would never attempt anything that has to do with are a brave your magazines they will be priceless some day. God Bless Trish

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Well from the front it doesnt look ghetto like! Cute house.

I always dream of finding uber -cool stuff in attics.

Unfortunately attics and basements are very uncommon in my part of the world so it's not very likely.

Love the magazines. It's like a time warp. Hurry up and show us some more stuff that you found up there !

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