Saturday, September 18, 2010

Helping Mom, Part Two

I wanted to post more during the week but I found I was much too busy during the day and when we finally slowed down in the evenings I was much too tired and lazy to do so!
I mentioned that Mom lives in somewhat of a 'ghetto' and it really doesn't appear that way from some of the pictures I showed you of her little house, so I'll show you the houses directly across the street...

I admit even these pictures don't really reflect all the poverty on this street.....I'll share more about that whole story in another post...
Among all the little non-photoworthy things we did to help make Mom's house more of a home, we replaced this old hot water heater
with a new tankless heater, which mounts on the outside of the house.
We installed an aerial antenna on her room (that was a scary job) so she would watch a few more channels than just PBS.
Repaired a few leaks while we were up there
Insulated a room (this was worse than working in a dingy attic)
Covered up some vent holes in her walls (forgot to take the 'after' pictures)
I think these were common back when there was one heat source in the house - this allowed the hot air to flow through to all the rooms when the doors were closed.
And we sanded a bedroom, prepping it for paint.  Mom and I got really dirty in this job, but I had the camera so she was the one who got snapped!

I love you, Mom!  You are such a hard worker and you have passed on that trait to me - thank you!

and thanks, especially,  for all the good cooking while we stayed with you....we'll be back!!!


Pokey said...

Your Momma is precious! I'm so happy you can help her house to become a home!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

You win daughter of the year ...hands down.

Your Mum doesnt look old enough to drive let alone be a grandmother...the looking young genes must run in your family (now that I've seen a pic of you and all )

By the time you're finished that house is gonna be a home.

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