Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new garden

I was totally caught off guard just the other day when my husband asked if I wanted to plant a Fall garden.  He grew up in a family that did a lot of gardening and thus he had to spend many hot days pulling weeds and picking veggies...something most kids don't enjoy.  So, I was surprised to hear him so gung-ho about helping me with a garden.  I really wasn't going to pursue it by myself but since he wants to be a big part of it I'm gung-ho, too!!!!  Last year I purchased some seeds but didn't have the energy to do it by myself.
It's a bit past the time to start seeds here but I'm going to at least plant the beets and turnips...I'll get seedlings for the other items we want to do.  Root veggies like beets and carrots don't seem to do well down South, but I'm going to try because I love beets and you can't get fresh ones too easily here.
My tomato garden decided to perk up a bit, so I did a little maintenance yesterday, tying up some of the lanky vines.
It was a mistake to plant in the shade of the mimosa tree so the new garden will probably be somewhere out on the other side - in the sunshine.

While I was surveying my options, Frankie decided to join me.  Oh...nice view, you silly cat!
He's a very affectionate cat and reminds me of Garfield when he does his crying (very pitiful) and looking at me with his "hold me" eyes!
He's headed back to "the hood" on Monday as we're going to Mom's house to spend a few days with her and do some repairs to her house.
Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the weather and a few flowers in the garden!

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Everytime I see someone else's vegie patch I vow to do one of my own (we certainly have the space!).

But I probably wont because basically I'm lazy and have a black thumb. I'm glad you dont have my gardening attitude.

Frank is a cutie.

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