Monday, September 6, 2010

"Cheep Talk"

I had a lot of fun making this quillow.
I started with a clearance baby quilt kit from Connecting Threads and added a few of my own fabrics that coordinated well...
Then I made my own applique on the pillow taken from another Connecting Threads "Cheep Talk" design and came up with this.
It was really easy to piece and simple handquilting around each "brick" was sufficient.
Cute as can be!   Doncha think?           As always, it's in the shop!  :)



Kathleen said...


Pokey said...

Oh, how cute! I love the birdies, and Connecting Threads, too.

SewCalGal said...

Very cute quilt and pillow. Of course, I love your chirps too! Would have loved to have seen some quilted birds in my recent Pets on Quilts Show. Maybe next year?


Joy McD said...

Very cute :)
You guessed right on Elizabeth's blog and won something... so please send me an email with your snail mail address :)

Katy said...

Oh Connecting Threads, how I love thee!

Anonymous said...

レイバン サングラスがどうしても欲しいです。夏が来たから、そしてレイバン wayfarerなどの宣伝のため、子供たちが親にサングラスを請求しました。そのなかにレイバン RB2140というモデルが一番多いらしいです。

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