Saturday, September 4, 2010

I did it again...

I usurped another room in our house for my sewing kingdom.
Since we are empty nesters and have a much-too-big house for just the two of us, I guess it's only fitting that I do my best to utilize it until the day we can sell it and move into something more reasonably sized. 
Daughter #1 moved out in June and her room has been gathering dust ever since.
I guess what prompted the desire to expand more so than just an empty room was that with my prior sewing machine arrangement, I had to get up and squeeze into my other sewing table.
Side note...I truly feel for those who don't have a sewing room at all and have to lug their machine out of the closet and use the dining room table - my heart goes out to you!  If my livelihood wasn't dependent on my sewing right now then I probably wouldn't have such a large sewing dominion. :)
Anyway, we decided to move my cutting table into the empty room and turn that room into a cutting area and the place to tie quillows.
I pulled my craft show table from the garage, cleaned it up and am using it for a table in my main sewing room.
We visited some Goodwill stores in the area last weekend and scored a nice bookcase for $10 that needed a little 'love', which my husband did quite well - he nailed it up, cleaned it up and delivered it so quickly it made my head spin!
So, I spent most of Monday afternoon, folding some pretty fabrics and stacking them neatly in my new storage.
I also found another cute little curio case my husband made for one of the kids that they left in the garage - cleaned it up and stacked some fabrics in it, too.
I rearranged my sewing tables so that I can move from one machine to the other quickly and easily.  This means I'll use my Brother more often because it is easier to get to.
All in all, it's a nice arrangement and I'm happy with it.
Remember this puzzle...?
...and the tutorial for turning it into a wall decoration?  (you can see it in my room in the above pictures)
Well, I'm just about finished with the next one and hope to turn it into a wall decoration soon.  I set it up back in May when my Mom was here for Mother's Day because she said she'd been wanting to do a puzzle.  She worked quite a bit of it and then left, so it sat for several months in the living room as I was busy helping build a house and such....too tired at night to mess with it.
I also found another on clearance at Connecting Threads and look forward to working on it next.
Well, now that I've given you a tour of my sewing kingdom, I must be getting to the Saturday chores - laundry and a bit of house cleaning (emphasis on a bit) and hopefully I can find time to sew today - I've got a wonderful stack of sewing movies just waiting for me!
Perhaps a banana cream pie is in the works, too!  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
P.S.  Thanks to all for the well-wishes and suggestions about my achy feet - I really appreciate the comments and tips you gave!  I could only stand wearing my shoes in the house for one day, so I'm still working on a remedy! 


quiltingnana said...

nice post about finding room for quilting...I use a guest bedroom right now and really appreciate not having to drag a machine out like I did before we moved into this house. I use a folding table for cutting too...I bought some bedrisers at Walmart and that brings the table up to cutting heighth...

Karen said... are one lucky lady! I heart my sewing room...I feel very blessed to have one.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Laughing so hard here at the phrase "Sewing Kingdom".

I might just steal that since I cannot bring myself to call my sewing room a "studio" without feeling stupid.

There is nothing more happy than seeing stacks of folded fabric on shelves. You must be feeling delirious !

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Its marvelous that you have to much room and can use it for your never know when you'll need it again....I down sized once and I am in need of more room have so much pretty fabric and that's a great idea to use shelves to store it. God Bless Trish

Michelle said...

I love NEW spaces, and I love rearranged spaces. I feel your happiness, and it looks GREAT! Loved looking at all your 'eye candy'.
Have a great week!

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