Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Fun Day

So far, today, I'm having fun....
I stumbled upon Fat Quarterly's quilt along recently and wanted to do it but didn't want to use any new fabrics, and since I am IN LOVE with the scrappy look, I decided to use all scraps in my quilt.
I'm stopping at 70 blocks because I don't want my quilt to be too big.  It's going to be my car quilt.  If you are like me and your husband like mine, it's almost always too cold in the car when he's driving.  He loves to have all the windows down no matter what season and if I don't particularly want my hair flying all over the place, he'll put them up and then turn the AC on full blast.  No-win solution - a car quilt.
I always have such fun matching up coordinating scraps.
They are just oh so pretty!!!
These are a few of my favorite blocks.
Now to sew them all together....I haven't decided whether to use a muslin sashing or just sew them all together...any suggestions??
Also, today, I was able to hang my puzzle as I had glued it last night.
It fits perfectly above my thread racks.  I can spy the spot for my next puzzle art, too!
The best part of this day is that I'm waiting for a phone call from my youngest daughter after she gets done with classes for the day.  I do her taxes for her every year and in exchange she has to buy me lunch.  When your kids are little and you ask them where they want to eat, they quite often choose McDonald's.  Well, at least my kids did.  Always.  Funny how my daughter, now going on 23 still loves McDonald's and since she is paying, guess where we are having lunch today?
Uh-huh!  I'm lovin' it!!!
She must be reminiscing lately, too, because she asked me to bring her some old Disney movies.
I'm sending with it a jar of golden scuppernong jelly that her daddy made last night.
Yes, my husband made it!  Someone gave him permission to pick all their scuppernongs and he took advantage of it.  I reallly didn't have time to do any canning right now and he didn't really ask - he just took control and said he was going to do it.  He did awesome for his first time doing any kind of canning!  I'm proud of him and it really tastes great!!
I hope you're having a fun day, too!!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I love the scrappy look too. There's something so satisfying about making a quilt from leftovers isnt there?

Your blocks are cute, cute, cute!

With sashing or without -I dont think you can go wrong.It just depends what size you want it.

trish said...

Oh you know how I love love love scrappy quilts. Your blocks are gorgeous!! :o)
How delicious ... scuppernong jelly. :o) I have a bush we pick them from. I even have some jelly in my pantry. :o) Yummy! :o) My chickens love to eat them too. :o)
How fun that you had a date out to Mickey Dees! :o) We are suppose to be getting one in town and I look forward to starting our own family memories there. :o) Every once in a while that is. :o)

Mariliz's Musings said...

I can't wait to see this finished! I'm a scrappy fan too.

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