Friday, December 2, 2011

Dressed to the Nines....

Nine lives, that is!  Can you see the kitties on my pants?

It's Friday and I'm dressed comfy because it's going to be a busy-busy day.  I spent all day yesterday just cutting and organizing quillow orders that need to be sewn, tied and mailed out for the holiday.

Here's another basketful

I spent several hours just re-organizing my fabric shelves - we'll see how long that lasts!

Anyone wanna buy some fabric?  ;) he he he

But, I did find time to finish another puzzle!  It's glued and has found a niche on my sewing room walls with the others.

I've also got another ready to go that will be fun to work on thru the holiday season.

Can you tell I like kitties?  :)  It's my last I have in stash but there's two more in the Connecting Threads magazine that I'll have to put on my wishlist!

We had a unique Thanksgiving this year.  After celebrating at home with our kids, my husband, my mother and I drove down to Orlando where my Uncle Hank lives and spent a few days with family that we don't see too often - mom's brother and sister.

My husband and I got a chance to spend more time with Aunt Pat and we really enjoyed it - she's a lot of fun and I wish we lived closer to each other (she lives in D.C.)

She hates that name, but I love it and this is my blog so 'tough beans'!! :)

Uncle Hank is fabulous in the kitchen and we had a terrific turkey dinner that he served on these beautiful dishes he found at a garage sale!!

The next day we toured the Stetson mansion in Deland, Florida.

"The Blood"

Bill and I had fun just 'knocking around' Orlando....doing some shopping, hanging with "the blood", eating, etc....ya know - general lazy stuff - it was a nice break.

But, we're back home now and kicked into high gear to get thru these next few busy-busy weeks..
He's in the final stages of finishing the house project uptown (remember the house we moved?).  It's pretty much all done on the outside, even the landscaping, and the inside is currently being painted and all the fixtures being installed so I'm excited to see what it looks like next week.  Perhaps I'll even have pictures to show you!

In addition, lots of things are going on in my children's lives now and maybe I'll have time to give you a full update later.

Have a great weekend!!!



Pokey said...

Your getaway looks like lotsa fun! Just what you were needing, I'm sure. Boy, that load of sewing looks like a challenge, but you are so good, Jenn, you will motor through in no time. I's really nice to hear from you again ~

notes of sincerity said...

Wowza, look at all your accomplishments! I need to have some of what you are! :o)
Oh how much fun you must have had! Wish I could wear my jammies today. :o) I can't seem to get my barrings.
Oh girl, I would love to meander through your fabric shop! :o)

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