Saturday, December 31, 2011

Guessing Game

Hiya folks.....wanna play a game?  :)

I finished a new puzzle over the Christmas holiday and just finished gluing it.....can you guess what it is?

I love to do puzzles and then glue them and post them all over my sewing room.  It's very easy to do and all you need to buy is the glue which is basically just like Elmer's glue and you can get it at Wal-mart in the craft section.  I have a puzzle gluing tutorial here in case you were interested in trying it out yourself.

I seem to be running out of free wall space to put puzzles in my main sewing room, but I've still got another room I can fill up!

So, today is a busy 'domestic' day for me (I probably won't get to do much sewing) as Mom and my two daughters will be here for the weekend.  I have mounds of laundry calling my name along with packing up the Christmas tree and taking down decorations.  My husband has been extremely sweet and helpful to me this morning....he wiped down the clothesline for me, getting it ready to hang the laundry, then he bounded into my office as I was packing up an order and offered to carry it out to the mailbox for me (gosh, I love it when he reads my mind) and then as I was in my sewing room tidying up a bit, I saw this little surprise just waiting for me....can you guess what it is?

Looks kinda grody doncha think?   How about a closer look....can you guess now?

Stay tuned for answers to these burning questions!!!

.....oh, and   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Thank you to all my customers for your support in 2011!  I enjoy seeing the pictures of your loved ones wearing my creations!  Looking forward to your visits in the new year!!




Shay said...

It looks like a jelly jube to me (and I DO have my glasses on !)

Happy New Year Jenn. (now come back and alleviate my curiosity!)

Pokey said...

The puzzle looks like a kitten sitting up to the sewing machine, making a quilt, right? And I think thoughtful hubs left you a yummy jelly treat, maybe your favorite, right where he knew you'd find it (something my honey would do)!

Here's hoping for a healthy, happy new year, Jenn!
hugs, pokey

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