Monday, September 21, 2009

Silliness on Skype and Other Stuff

We just discovered Skype a few months ago about the same time our middle child moved into her own apartment about an hour away. We had fun one day, chatting thru Skype over the distance and using our webcams. She has a particularly nice laptop with lots of features associated with the camera and when she activated them, we had a blast taking snapshots of her “hamming it up”.

To quote Seinfeld…”it wasn’t a pick, it was a rub!”

Someone must have dropped her on her head when she was a baby

This one cracks me up the most….love that pointy noggin and big ogre teeth

She’s definitely “twisted”

What fun!

I finished this quillow yesterday.

I saw a picture of the design in a magazine and had my husband make the pattern template for me but I can't seem to find the name for this type of block - anybody know?

Here is a picture of the finished rag quilt and pillow set that I've already mailed off to my customer.

Since the hubby did the majority of the clipping on this project I caught him doing his own admiration of the finished product, touching it and exclaiming…

"Ooh, this is neat "

"She’s going to like this"

(and my personal favorite:)
"I’m a good snipper!"

This is what awaits me today....another patchwork quillow to assemble. I've always wanted to do a Bento Box and found a tutorial on Sonnet of the Moon. I decided to go with classic yellow and blue combination.



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Purple and Paisley said...

all of your projects are great...and aren't men a hoot? lucky you for being married to a good snipper! ☺ lol...

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