Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finding a Groove

Guess what?....I sold my 99th quillow today! And that's just for this year!

Me so happy!

For as long as I can remember, whenever I do a lot of sewing, I prefer to do just one task per day. What I mean is, instead of cutting fabric and then sewing it together and then adding finishing touches all in one time span, I like to spend one day doing bunches of cutting and then maybe the next day or two spend my time doing all the sewing part of it ~ kind of like getting in a groove and staying there ~ it always makes me feel like I've accomplished more.
Back when I used to make clothing for myself and my kids, I would always begin, naturally, by laying out the pattern and cutting it the time that was done, I just wasn't in the mood to start sewing, so I would grab the next item and stay on my cutting highway! Then, when I had time to get back into a new groove, I'd do all the sewing parts. I've noticed that this method works for me even today when I'm making quillows. I like to start out with a day of designing and cutting out the quillows and grouping the parts together, tying them with selvage scraps.

Then, the next day I'll be able to chain sew all the parts together, working on several quillows at a time.

Finally, I'll carve out a day or a couple of evenings and just work on marking and tying the quillows, although that part definitely gets hard on my fingertips after several quillows. I'm gearing up for just such a day.
I've got my stack of movies to watch while tying

These came from my local library...all except the cartoon on the bottom...that came from my kids' stash ~ I enjoy watching those occasionally - brings back memories of when my kids were little! :)
Here's a stack of quillows waiting to be tied.

Since it's getting close to the holidays, the Christmas orders are coming in more often and soon I'll be very busy mailing them out! It's really nice when the order is for something already made and not a custom order. I love to do custom quillows, but at this time of year, tracking down special fabric and getting the quillow together and in the mail on time can be more trouble than it's worth. The hard thing for me is that sometimes I hate saying "no" because I don't want to lose a sale!

What's really great is that tonight is "leftover night" and I don't have to cook! (that's been the Wednesday night tradition in this household for as long as I can remember)
This frig needs a good cleaning out every week!

So, bring on the quillows! I'm ready!


Purple and Paisley said...

wow! 99 quillows this year? congrats to you on a wonderful job!

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

You are so smart! I miss and love you girl. I wish so badly we were neighbors....course then we would never get anything accomplished. Actually, you and I could probably move mountains. Do you remember "Casual-T's" ?!?!?!? BAAAHHHAAAA! We shoulda done it. Tell me you remember?!?! xxoo
PS congrats on your quillows.
PSS Why is it called Bonetown?
PSSS Do you have any old red shoes??!? :) HA HA !

Rae Ann said...

Congratulations on your wonderful
accomplishment! You remind me of my sister's friend. She does things just like you. She gets on a project and keeps cutting until she has a month's worth of sewing to do. Good for you!

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