Friday, March 5, 2010

The After-Birthday Glow

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!  It was a very nice day, full of surprises and sweet things.

Aunt Judy came over early in the day bearing a bag full of goodies that made me cry!

Judy is always thinking of others and always has a bunch of goodies stashed somewhere to throw together a very thoughtful gift.  The house we're building is for Judy's son, Jason, and future daughter-in-law, Amanda.  She's been bringing us snacks at 3:30 when we take our afternoon work break, as the jobsite is pretty much in her back yard!

My hubby got rained out on the jobsite and came home to take me out to lunch at Chili's ~ that was probably the best part of the whole day...just spending time with him and getting to eat out!  We both had mini burgers and split a chocolate chip molten cake for dessert.

Since it was a rainy day at the jobsite, I got to work on a new patchwork quillow in the afternoon.

I'm sticking to my goal of trying to make at least one patchwork quillow every two months (total of 26 for 2010) to sell in my shop.  So far, I've made 11 and I'm actually ahead of myself - perhaps I need to raise my goal!!  I sold two last week so I need to get on the ball and fill the void!  This one was done with amanda jean's zig zag quilt instructions.  I really miss her blog!

My husband made me a nice dinner. I really wish I would've taken a picture of the spread - it was very thoughtful and delicious-looking.  He made Chili Salad, which is basically just like Taco Salad only you use chili instead of taco meat and Fritos instead of tortilla chips.

After dinner, we headed to the living room and our daughter, Jennifer, had some nice gifts for me!  She, too, is a very thoughtful gift-giver and I love the things she chose for me!

I can't wait to wear the fleece vest and brown is my favorite color.  I'm pretty sure birthday celebrations will become a thing of the past once she moves out!  She's the only one keeping them alive!

So, I'm just sitting here...relaxing in the living room...don't you just love all the little hitch-hiker threads on my socks!  I can't seem to get away from them!!  :)

When, suddenly, a procession arrives...

They sang to me!!!

...and brought me this....


...and coffee!  A great pairing in my book!

I have a lovely family, doncha think??  :)

I wanted to show you all my latest finish for amylouwho's Sew-n-Tell Friday....
Yep - you guessed it ~ another quillow!!!
It also happens to be my finished project for Loft Creations String Challenge - Two birds with one stone!

Well, I'm off to the jobsite - thank God it's Friday!!!!


Leslie - she sews and scraps said...

You have been busy! Love your latest creations!
Happy belated Birthday! glad you got spoiled!

Stephanie said...

Fantastic use of strings. It's the first quillow I've seen! Great job.

Dee said...

Many Happy Belated Returns of the Day! What an awesome way to celebrate with gifts and loved ones. Of course the chocolate helps!

Your string quillow is amazing! You win the "Picking Jaw Off the Ground; This is Way Beyond Smart and Beautiful" award for Friday Finish!

Mandy Noble said...

I do love quillows! - great with the strings

Lesly said...

Happy birthday! Love that string quillow!

Leslie said...

happy birthday that cake looks so good.!!!!! love the string is such a fun and functional idea.

Karen said...

What a lovely birthday you had. It is so lovely that your family helped make it such a special day. Good work on the quillows. I have only attempted one quillow and that was enough for me. Those strings look pretty.

Kristen said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! and Wow! I love that string quilt.

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! Always best when family is around. It's sounds like it was a great day. Your strippy quillow is pretty... so bright.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Happy Birthday! IT sounds like it was a great day. And that chocolate cake looks good enough to jump through the computer for! Your zigzags are just fantastic, I think they are such a happy pattern!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

That is a beautiful quillow. I like to make them for gifts for friends who travel a lot.

KQuiltyBee said...

Really like the string combo. Glad you enjoyed your special day.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

I've been behind on my blog reading, and was so delighted to see that you had so many posts! Yeah! :) I love reading them.
I am so glad you had a lovely day. Man, are you loved! You can see it in the faces of your family! What a yummy looking cake, and is there an actual recipe for Chili salad? I want to make it! I have been totally hooked on salads lately! :)
Miss you, love you xxoo
PS. I WANT THAT QUILLOW!!! (photo'ed!) Is it for sale on Etsy?

Rene' said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad it was a good one. Love your quillow! Great using up your strings that way. Thanks for sharing.

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