Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stroll

Bill and I headed to church this morning and arrived shortly before 11:00.  It seemed awful quiet in the church yard - no one was out front, no late stragglers, no smokers, etc....something seemed odd....
When we got up to the doors, an old man greeted us and told us we were a bit late.  What?  We were actually about 5 minutes early!  Turns out they changed the service time and they're trying out a 10:00 AM service.  Boy, we felt like fools!  We hadn't visited that church in a few months so that explains why we didn't know about the new time.  Anyway, it was too late to head to another church, since they are fairly spread out in the country so we just headed home.  I convinced Bill to take a walk with me before lunch, and he reluctantly agreed.
It was a beautiful day and I knew that I'd get lazy after lunch and wouldn't want to head out, so it had to be right now or never.

This is the road we walked down.  It's called Davis Road.

I like to go on this road because there's hardly any traffic and it is very quiet and peaceful.  I would have liked to have kept on walking, but he reminded me we had to turn back and start lunch....*sigh*....maybe another day I can venture further....and take more pictures!!

I thought this was quite an interesting tree.

Bill had to stop and wait while I took pictures and explored the side of the road.  He wanted to know why I was taking pictures...BECAUSE I CAN!!!!  :)  And, besides, I like pictures!  They make great desktop wallpapers!

I've sewn all my No Sew Swap pink and green blocks together, except for two.  Thank you, Kathleen, for hosting!  I enjoyed it and the lovely little gift you enclosed!
I had originally planned to make a quillow out of the 9 blocks, but the pinks and greens are much too different so I've got to figure out something else to do with them.  Here is one that I had a little piecing trouble with - I just turned it into a table topper!

I also did the Red White and Blue No Sew Swap and I think that those ones will probably match a bit better and maybe I can combine them to make a quillow.

I also finished Twiddletail's Pinwheel Party block #1 and am anxiously awaiting instructions for block #2!  It's not too late to join in!  Thanks, Anina, for leading this quilt-along!

I decided to go with the black background and bold colors instead of trying something different.  I already had everything for this color scheme in my stash and I just sold a black and jewel-toned quillow so this will be a great replacement.  Perhaps the next time I can try a different color scheme.

Bill has scheduled me for a construction material run to the big city first thing Monday morning which means I'll get to go shopping at a real fabric store while I'm there!!

So, now that my belly is full of pork chops, mashed potatoes, and sweet peas, and I've had a nice chat with my friends in blogland, I can't decide if I want to head back to the sewing room or take a nap......I actually think the nap is probably going to win!  If you're near Bonetown this afternoon, stop in and say hello - I'll be making an apple pie and homemade ice cream later today to have after dinner while we watch "Amazing Race"!

I love Sundays!!!!..don't you?

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Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

You make me sick, girl! I wish I could get done half of what you can! I guess that will be later when Jacob and Cess are off to school....right now homeschooling and animals seem to be my life.
I love your menu. YUM!
I hate walking outside unless it is at the beach. Isn't that weird? I think it is because of a bad dog scare I had once? Your "neighbor hood" looks amazing. Sometimes I tell John we need to move South...the weather and cost of living seem SO much more appealing! Is their water nearby? (I know that is probably a dumb question).
xxoo I love you!

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