Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fröliches Geburtstag....to me!!!

I just love this little kitty, don't you?!  Makes me wish I still had a kitty.  I had a cat that looks a lot like this one, only she had longer hair.  Her name was Maggie and she was my girl for 14 years.

Me and Maggie when she was less than a year old....I was about 24 or 25, I think
She was born March 6th, 1992 and died March 7th, 2006.
I still miss her a lot sometimes.
Anyway, today is my birthday, and her birthday would've been this coming Saturday so I can't help but think of her at this time of year.

On a happier note...
. . . my husband baked me a cake!

I usually love a white-on-white cake but I requested chocolate this year.  You can tell he's a bit of a construction head in all he does!

He has to take the entire baking rack out of the oven and prop it up on forks to cool the cake!  What a goofball!  But, he's my sweet goofball!  :)

You can also tell he's a Southerner...they like to say "I'm going to cook a cake for you" or "cook some cookies"... no matter how many times you tell them that when you use the oven you are baking!  Cooking happens on the stovetop!!  He just gets mad when I correct him so I try not to do it anymore.

He definitely bought plenty of frosting, though!
He's fixing me dinner tonight, too...something real simple, of course!  :)

Today is supposed to be a rain day at the jobsite, so luckily, I don't have to go to work.  I definitely hope to get some sewing time in, admist sitting around in my pjs and robe, drinking coffee and reading blogs!  I might even squeeze in a trip to Wal-mart!  Boy, the time can pass quickly when you're having fun!

Hey - remember these and how I asked your opinion in the color border on this quillow?

Well, the blues won!

Thank you for your help in picking the color - I think it turned out great!
So great, in fact, that less than a week after I finished the handquilting, it sold in my online shop! SWEET!

If you've got an online shop, either on Etsy or elsewhere, you know how important it is to post quality pictures of your handmade goods.  Well, my camera is on it's last legs and I'm in the market for a new and better one.  All I really want is a camera that takes true color, quality pictures and allows me some control over the settings, so I would really love to hear your suggestions or advice if you have any.

 I hope you all have a great day, today...I'm sure I will as I've already had a few wonderful surprises!  Talk to you later...


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Happy Birthday! I need a camera....glad you asked that question the answers can be of help to me two.My favorite cake is what you got for your birthday.God Bless Trish

Pokey said...

Birthday Blessings, Jenn! Enjoy the yummy cake!
I'm just a point and shoot photo taker, but ours is a Sony Cyber Shot, 12.1 megapixel super easy. I use the Ott lamp to brighten the photos, sometimes. not a pro,so that's all I know. :-} pokey

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! LOVE the pillow/quilt in blue! Good choice. I wish I were there to COOK you a cake! LOL! Cecily has challenged me to this insane cake she wants for her 18th birthday. You know me....I like to make and excel at DUMP CAKES, so this is nuts. John has never made me,nay, COOKED me a cake in 20 years, so Bravo, William! :) (or is it just Bill?!?!) LOL!
Your kitty was beautiful. Want one? Our little brother sister kittens are now becoming intimate with each other and it is freaking/grossing us all out. Our other big fat Phoebe has been missing for over a month now. He was a gem and we miss him every day. I'll be he and Maggie are hanging out somewhere together sipping some sort of smart exotic drinks gossiping about us.
Happy Birthday to you.
I love you. xxoo

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