Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anatomy Lesson and Saturday Sewing

This picture hangs above my computer in the room which used to be my sewing room...perhaps I need to move it into my current sewing room!  Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you!

After I left the jobsite yesterday afternoon, I sank into a nice hot bathtub ~ one of my most favoritest things to do!!  I definitely needed a bath because we burned up some scrap wood and I smelled like smoke.

The fire was nice and the smell of burning wood made me think of camping and how much I miss it.

 Bill has promised we can go camping at Myrtle Beach for a week after this house is finished!  I can't wait...

I've started a pot of venison vegetable soup for supper tonight and I've got a little bit of house cleaning to do today but then I plan to work on some sewing for my upcoming craft show in two weeks.  It will be our first craft show of the year and I'm anticipating it will be a good one!  I'll have all my aprons and baby outfits there, so if there was something you saw in my shop that you liked, you better get it now because it will probably be gone at the show!  :) (I'm being positive!!!)

Today I'll be making some more pocketbooks - both my own design...

and some more of Rae Hokstra's Buttercup Bag - these are a lot of fun and go together fairly quickly!

Have a great weekend!!


Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

That soup looks divine! Ya know, I think you are one of the only one of my friends besides myself that LOVES baths. I think my mom even thinks they are gross. I swear, I have a method to my baths. I will wait until the water starts to get cold, and add hot water until it is up to my chinny chin chin! I could sit in there and read for hours and hours, sipping wine or peach iced tea is my favorite. I love keeping a box of bath goodies that I have received over the year for my birthday or that John brings home from nice hotels and stuff and use them in my bath. Ahhh....I think I may need one tonight! I make my own bath sugar scrub and epsom salts....would you like some? I have my own scented oils to make them yummy. I can mail some out if you want.
xxoo s.

Kristen said...

I know I'm visiting from Sew and Tell, but that Eden bag is divine! Actually, all of these are.

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