Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Ok, so I lied...I said I was having a giveaway on's Saturday.

So sorry, but I was just too busy yesterday with my hands immersed in grout up to my elbows!  My husband scheduled Friday as the day for me to do the grout on all the tile work he did at the construction project and I'm thinking..."this is going to be easy - nice, quick work-day for me and I'll be back at home sewing and blogging away by mid-afternoon."


I started at about 9:30 AM and was still spreading the gritty stuff at 6 PM last night!  Needless to say my knees, back and wrists were all worn out and terribly sore!

But, it was all worth it to see the final product...did I do a good job??

I even got to help make this - the tile around the master bathtub

Today my body is feeling much better, thank you!

Back to last night...Friday night is pizza night here and I usually make homemade pizza crust and whip up a lovely pizza, but last night I was just not in the mood.  You'll never believe what I resorted to.....SPAM pizza!!

We had some leftover SPAM (my husband loves this stuff) and I really didn't have anything else in the frig, so I pulled a white pizza kit from the freezer and threw on some spinach and chopped up SPAM.  Yeah, had to make it a little bit healthy with the addition of the spinach and a whole wheat crust to counteract the fatty-ness of the SPAM.  You'd think it was just ham, if I didn't tell you it was nasty chunks of processed meat-stuffs, right!  It didn't taste like ham, and I will probably never sink that low again to putting the stuff on my pizza!

Anyway, yesterday was my one year blogiversary.  I stepped into the blogging world and have met many new friends and discovered lots of interesting blogs along the way.  Yet, there are so many other great blogs out there that I would love to visit, but don't know where to start.  So, I thought maybe you could help me. 

Here are 3 ways you can get points to win the giveaway...

  1. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite blog that you just have to read, no matter what - and I'll throw your name in the hat once
  2. If I see your pretty face in my sidebar because you are a follower or have become a new follower now, I'll throw your name in the hat again
  3. Finally, if you mention my giveaway and blog on YOUR blog, I'll toss your name in the hat once more
So, now you probably wanna know what I'm giving away, right?  Well, what more can I give away to celebrate a blogiversary than an excellent book about blogging!

How about this one?

Tara has written a wonderful manual here that can help anyone get started blogging or even help current bloggers with more inspiration and ideas to make their blog a great place to stop and visit.

She gives helpful hints on photography

Tips on computer language, formatting and codes

and "interviews" several popular bloggers of various interests...

She even uses her own blog as great example of the need to update once in a while

I really love it!  It's been a huge help to me on my blog journey and I'm sure I'll be using it a lot more as I enter my second year in the blog-o-sphere!

Heck - I'll even toss in a few extra goodies!  :)  (maybe you'll find that short dollar in the goodie bag!)

So, please stop by for a visit (I guess you already did that if you're reading this - duh!), leave a comment or two (don't lurk) telling me your favorite blog to follow or some other sort of blogging tip you've discoverered and then be sure to come back next Saturday, June 26th, when I let my hubby draw the winning name out of the hat!

And, if you're in the mood for yet another giveaway, Kerri is giving away the cutest fabric she and a friend designed on Spoonflower!

It's absolutely adorable!!  So, be sure to pay her a visit and even stop by her Etsy shop where she has some great prices on the latest fabric trends!

Until then!!


Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Oh my goodness! I get the first comment! :) I must say I am impressed with the ingenuity of the pizza..."When in Rome" turned in to "When in a pinch..." LOL! The grout looks FAB! You are amazing! Boy do I have some projects I could use your talent on, Jenn! :) I have not been able to blog or read many blogs for the past month between getting Cess ready for graduation and preparing to move and finishing up Jakes homeschooling year! UGH!!! BUT...when I do get the chance there are actually two blogs I enjoy reading very very much. My top favorite with out a doubt, (and I am being totally serious and not sucking up or anything...) is: LIFE IN BONETOWN! I love it. I love hearing about my dear friend and her life and family and talents. Then I usually move on to LABELETTEROUGE if I have time. She writes about psychology, the pain and struggles she and her husband have gone through with infertility and being childless, and she is witty, super intelligent and thought provoking.
After that, not including my own REDSHOESFORRWANDA (check it out! I am wearing red shoes every day for one entire year to raise money for street children affected by AIDS in Rwanda! (shameless plug, sorry!) :) anyway, I go to: THE SARTORIALIST. He is a famous photographer that takes photo's of "normal" (but VERY intriguing) people off of the street just going about their day from all over the world, but mostly New York and Paris. I love it!
Well, that was 4 wasn't it?! Do I get four tosses into the hat?!? :) I'll do tricks like a monkey to get something that JENN is handing out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!!! Yesterday Cess sent her sponsor child in Kigali, Africa the soft black baby doll you made for her birthday. I am sure that even a whole world away, a little girl is going to love and appreciate your precious handiwork! Here's to SPAM creations and a wonderful Saturday, sweetie!
I love you!
xxoo Sheri

Simply Sandy said...

What a fun blog you have. One of my favorite blogs is Cluck Cluck Sew. I love reading about her quilts and babies! Happy Blogging!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Happy Blogiversary Jenn!

Totally cracking up here over spam pizza. I think you should post the recipe.

And you rocked that tiling. Totally nailed it. I have all this wonder and excitement to come unless you'd like to come and help out since you're experienced and all.

One of the blogs I have to read is Jenny Matlock's "Off on a Tangent". Funny Lady with a heart of gold.

You can check her out here

Karen said...

Great giveaway Jenn. great grouting too. One of my favourite blogs is called Red Pepper Quilts. But if you could seemy Google Reader you would see lots, lots more blogs.

Karen said...

I follow your blog!

SewCalGal said...

Happy BlogAniversary!

I check in with Kelly of IHAN every day, along with many, many others. But Kelly always makes me smile!


SewCalGal said...

I'm now following!


SewCalGal said...

I'm now following!


SewCalGal said...

I posted about your giveaway on my page that I share insights on Contests & Giveaways:


Svanhild said...

Hi, great giveaway. I like to read many blogs, among my favourites are Park City Girl, Sew Cal Gal, and Crazy Mom Quilts..

Dayna said...

Jenn, thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! If I were to choose a favorite blog, it would be Penny loves the Lord, loves her husband, has amazing design and sewing talent, and is an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast. She is wonderfully encouraging and marvelously inspiring. Every visit to her blog is a treat!

Rachel said...

Happy Bolg Aniversary! I love reading all your blogs! <3

Rachel said...

Wow can't believe I spelled blog wrong! By the way your cookies are delicious!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Happy Blog Aniversary! You did a good job on the tile. Trish

amylouwho said...

what an awesome book! I've heard good things about it. Thanks for a chance to win.

One of my favorite blogs to read is v & co.

She's super funny AND crafty!

Becky said...

Congratulations on reaching your one year anniversary! I love blogs and blogging! Would love to read this book. I've seen it on blogs, but haven't purchased one (son in college = restricted budget:)

One of my all time favorite blogs to read is Bonnie Hunter's blog and website, She shares wonderful patterns to help use up one's stash. Mystery quilts are hosted on her website, too.

I've doing a give-away on my blog to celebrate my birthday. I read about your give-away on SewCalGirl's blog. My give-away is listed, also. Please visit and enter to win on my blog!

Becky said...

I am now a follower of your blog! Looking forward to your posts!

Marcia said...

I like the jaybird and Oh! Fransson blogs, as well as many already mentioned: quiltville SewCalGirl v & co sewtakeahike Park City Girl p.s.iquilt Crazy Mom Quilts IHAN Red Pepper Quilts Cluck Cluck Sew. I do not have my own blog so this book would be most helpful to get me started (once get the courage).

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy Blogiversary! There are several blogs that I read everyday. But Pioneer Woman is the lady who got me blogging, so I would say she is my fav every day read.
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am now a follower :-D

missreneer said...

I love
Her blog is an addiction. I have tried a few of her ideas and they are always a big hit. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

Shelley said...

My blog addiction is Quilt Hollow. I love Mary and her beautiful quilts! I never even knew there was a book on how to blog!!LOL! guess I could definitely use that! Plus, I AM a FOLLOWER!

Patty said...

That is one book I could really use. One of my favorite blogs is the Bitchy Stitcher. Some days she makes me laugh out loud. Then of course I have to look around to see if anyone is looking at me like "is she crazy, or what"

Patty said...

I am a follower

Regena@QuiltnQuiltthings said...

Wow fun give away. I like finding new blogs as well. I think right now the blogs I check on would be Plesant Home and A Quilting Life and Pink Pin Cushion.
Hope you have a great day.

Pokey said...

Hi, Jenn, I've been out of town, but I'm back in time to enter your giveaway for a happy blogoversary~ Yea! I always check your blog for a smile or encouragement, I've been motivated to try new ideas by Crazy Mom Quilts, Jaybird Quilts, Red Pepper Quilts, and a few others. I enjoy friendship with several ladies I wouldn't even know without blogging, like, you:-}, Sue of Bits and Pieces, This and That, Jacque of Doodles of my Mind, Thelma of Cupcakes and Daisies, Mary of Neat and Tidy, Carol of Fun Old Hag, Darlene of Sew Cal Gal, I can't name them all, but they deserve a peek into their blog.
Thank you for the info on the blog book, too, I have wanted to take a look into one.

Carla said...

Congrats!!! It's always fun to read your blog. You write like you one would speak. And that is a great things. Here's to winning!!!

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