Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Adjustment

I normally pad around the house in my bare feet.
In winter, I wear fuzzy house socks or even these

I've been waking up in the morning and having a very hard time walking to the bathroom without my feet hurting terribly, and it stumps me as to why I have this pain.  I mean, I've been laying down...why would my feet hurt as if I've been sleeping standing up!?  It usually goes away within a few minutes, but it's still odd as to why my feet should hurt so much in the mornings or even in the middle of the night when 'nature' rouses me.
We have hardwood floors and ceramic tile thru our entire house, except for the bedrooms and basement.  I've been told I walk heavy, so I'm thinking perhaps my problem stems from 'stomping' around the house in bare feet...no cushions, etc.
So, today I decided to make an adjustment.  I will try wearing shoes in the house.
I chose my tennies because they are probably the comfiest and provide the most cushion.  The only other choices were either worn out moccasins or flip flops and I knew they wouldn't help.
I'm not liking it at all.  I keep wanting to kick them off and get comfy - I feel like I'm supposed to be going somewhere since I have my shoes on!  It's also hard to find my sewing machine pedal with these clunky shoes on.
We'll see if it helps any, but for now, Bear gets to wear the slippers in this house!


Patty said...

my feet do that because I have high arches & going barefoot puts more strain on them

Seams Inspired said...

Mine hurt too, Jenn. I was told by a podiatrist it was because after being off them all night, my feet are tight. They need time to stretch out in the morning. Maybe this is what your experiencing? Hope your tootsies feel better in the morning. Happy Tuesday!:o)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

It goes against the laws of nature to wear shoes in the house Jenn!

I hope your feet feel better soon.

Judy said...

Oh dear, maybe that's what's wrong with my feet in the morning. I never wear shoes in the house. Hope you made it through the day. That has to be difficult.

Annette said...

I'm a barefoot around the house person so I understand your frustration. Hope your feet get feeling better very soon.

trish said...

Hi Jenn.
How are your feet today? Did the tennis shoes help? Is the pain affecting your back any? Gosh I hope they feel better real soon. :o)

trish said...

love little bears cozy slippers! :o)

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