Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to Business

So, the camping adventure is over
too sad!
Breakfast tastes so good when cooked and enjoyed outside while watching other folks wake up and go about their day
While I was away, the sky broke loose in my etsy shop and I have been frantically filling orders since I came back!  (I'm not complaining!...gotta pay the bills, right?)
Anyway, in the midst of making things for other people I managed to finish a couple of "fun" things and want to link up to amylouwho's Sew-n-Tell Friday.  A few weeks ago I made a bunch of these quilt blocks from my Heather Bailey collection and was able to stretch them out to use in a couple of projects.
First I made a quillow (you know, one of those things that is both a pillow and a quilt all wrapped up in one)
and then I squeezed a baby quilt out of the rest of the blocks.
I could just shoot myself for not seeing this earlier - two almost identical blocks side by side
Funny how I didn't see it while I quilting it or anything....I think I was concentrating so much on placing the blocks so the border fabrics wouldn't clash too much.
But, no big deal, right?  I enjoyed trying out a new free motion quilting technique in a flower design
That was a new one for me and I like the way it turned out.   I enjoy making baby quilts - they're fairly quick to put together and always look so pretty!
So, now that I've 'played around' for a bit, it's back to business!



lisa said...

Hi Jenn, all your items are beautiful. I especially love the baby quilt. You sure got a lot of milage out of those blocks! Happy sewing.

Pokey said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your getaway, we had fun on ours, too. A totally different kind of camping for us though, lol!
Personally I love your little 'oops'! It is hard when you are trying to mix up centers AND borders, and so happy 'oops' happens. It's made by hand, not machine. I enjoy seeing all those beautiful prints you purchased!

trish said...

Hi Jenn. :o)
Your quillow is just too cute! I am so happy for you, to have such an active business. :o) Your customers will be so pleased with your creations! :o)
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely (your friend) Tricia Anne (ha ha ha)

Kathleen said...

I like your "oops". It kinda looks like eyes peeking out.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Every single project I do has an oops. If you didnt notice it easily neither will anyone else.

The baby quilt is just too sweet!

Karen said...

Love the baby quilt. That white border around those Heather Bailey goodness is just great. Add in the quilting goodness and you just want to touch and snuggle. Great finishes.

beth said...

great projects, and your oops is my favorite part of your post. Always nice to know someone else is HUMAN! ;)

Leslie said...

this is such a beautiful quillow

Catherine said...

Love what you've done with these HB fabrics especially like the way you've framed the large flower on the quillow.

amylouwho said...

I love the large flower centers, and I didn't even notice the similar ones before you pointed it out! So cute.

Seams Inspired with Larri said...

Gorgeous quilts, as always! Glad you had a great vacation. :o)

Because you always inspire me when I read your posts, I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by and grab your button. Happy Tuesday! :o)

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