Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm still here...

Post note...just realized this is my 100th post! :)

Life in Bonetown has been pretty hectic lately and that explains my absence from the blogging world.  I had over 200 unread blogs in my google reader and as much as I hated to do it, I had to mark them all as read!  Sometimes you just have to set your priorities, right?

We've been plugging away at the jobsite, working 13 hour days just to make some headway.  This house needs to be completed by June 30th to qualify for the tax discount and we are keeping it on schedule. 

Our oldest daughter moved out on May 1st and since then we've been able to pour all our energies and time into this project.  I dreaded it at first, but spending the time with my husband, working side-by-side with a common goal has been rewarding.  It's definitely not a physical reward because my body is feeling the burn!!!  My back hurts most of the time and my feet ache every night in addition to more flare ups of RLS (restless leg syndrome).'s worth it!  Never thought I'd say that!

Monday is going to be a crazy day because Bill will be babysitting several subcontractors....those present will be the hardwood floor installers, the tile guy, the vinyl siding guys, and the garage door installers.  In addition to that, he'll be finding miscellaneous tasks for Jason and Harold to keep them busy.  Thus, I have acquired a sewing day on Monday so that Bill has one less person to babysit!  YAY!!!!  I've got about 4 quillows to get completed and in the mail so this works out well for me, too.

This weekend has been absolutely wonderful!  Yesterday was the first Saturday in at least 2 months that I haven't had a committment!  We didn't have a craft show and weren't pressed to work on the jobsite.  Bill went up to the little house in town that we had moved and worked on digging the footing.  It's been sitting there in it's new home up on risers for several weeks, waiting for us to get the foundation built before the house movers can lower it.  We're so thankful they are being patient with us!  I stayed home and did laundry, cleaned house and got some baby clothes sewn for a friend.

Bill got rained out and was back home midday, so he helped with the house cleaning (what a gem!!)  Once the rain let up we headed outside and worked in the yard and garden.

Our tomatoes are looking wonderful since we've had so much rain lately.

My hydrangeas are looking great, too, and I think they are going to be pink.

The pepper plants look good and you can even see some blossoms - future jalapenos!!

A friend of mine gave me these plants - I don't really know what they are, but they are getting big!  I think they have yellow flowers....

My clematis isn't doing as well as it should be and I attest that to the fact that it's not getting it's 'feet in the shade' as much as it needs.  Hopefully that will be remedied once things near it start to get bigger.

I haven't seen a resident in my toad house yet...usually you can only see these guys in the evening and I haven't spent too much time outside at night lately.

I picked up a couple of Trailing Lantanas at the hardware store this week....never seen them in lavender.  I really couldn't think of a good place to put them except under these Redbud trees and I'm curious to see what they do.

Last week the only thing I managed to sew was a cushion for my porch swing.

I like to tuck my feet up indian-style when I sit because my legs are too short to reach the ground comfortably.  This cushion helps keep the seat soft where my ankles hit.  Today was the first day I got to enjoy it!  Bill and I had breakfast on the back porch - it was LOVELY!

Well, I have so much more to tell you about, but I need to cut this short because I have an afternoon date!!!  My hubby is taking me to see Iron Man 2 at the matinee and then a late lunch out!  Of course, this will be followed by a trip to Lowe's and Wal-mart!  He says "11:30 A.I.S" and if you watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" you know that that means!  :)

Have a great Sunday and I'll talk to you later!


Kathleen said...

The house is looking great... sounds like a wonderful afternoon off... enjoy your date

Pokey said...

Hey, Jenn, Busy all around! They say it'll keep us out of trouble...

I've got 1000+ unread on mine, I can't bring myself to delete...!

smiles, pokey

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