Monday, May 24, 2010

It's 'sighing' time again, darling...

I'm really enjoying my sewing day, today!!

      (so, why are you sitting at the computer and not at your sewing machine, you idiot?)

I visited Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways, and couldn't resist her invite for a quilt-along!

I have several charm packs that I hadn't made up my mind as to what I would do with them, so her Snowball Night is a great idea!  Perhaps you'd like to quilt along....if so, just click on the button on my sidebar and go for it!

Of course, I have a hard time just doing a couple blocks at a time, so I told myself that I would only do as many blocks as I had corner pieces for....thus, I only cut a few strips of 2" coordinating material to make the squares out of and when I ran out, I had to quit.  This is what I got completed.

I chose "Nature's Chorus" by Moda.  I'm lovin' this!!

Anywhoooooo, I had to make a material run uptown for Bill to get a few things and when I delivered them back to the jobsite (along with some Tootsie Pops) I had to take a few progress pictures!!  So, here I am, making a quick post so I can show you the latest progress on the house.

Turns out the vinyl siding guys didn't show up so Bill pretty much had to fire them and is hoping to hire someone else, or it will be me climbing up some very high ladders and scaffolds to finish the job...*sigh*...

anyway, the house still is looking great on the outside and we're trying to concentrate on the inside right now.

The tile guy broke his leg over the weekend in a motorcycle accident so it looks like tomorrow Bill and I will be finishing the tile work....*double sigh*....

The cabinets are going in nicely

Helps the house start looking like a home!

The hardwood flooring is coming along nicely

Although it probably won't be a 2-day job like the contractor promised....*more sighing*...

The garage doors are pretty much complete

The hot tub was set last week

And, of course, Buddy, the community dog, is ever present!

So, as you can see, things are moving along.
I'll probably be absent again from the blogging world for a heard all those sighs, right?  :)


Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks so much for joining in. I absolutely love that Moda fabric. Can't wait to see more. You are fast though, that's a lot of blocks on the first day. The house is looking great. We've been there when people don't show up on a construction project, so I can sympathize with you.
Good luck with everything that's going on.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

My goodness just reading all the things you do makes me tired...Its marvoleous that you are able to do all this...I guess the more a body does the more they are able to do...I'm just about pass that I do like the snowball quilt. God Bless Trish

Pokey said...

Your house is looking great! Keep up the good work, you'll be in it in no time! Like those fabrics for your snowballs, too! pokey

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