Sunday, July 17, 2011

Naming Game

Whenever I start a new quillow project, I spend a lot of time thinking what unique name I can come up with to adequately describe the quillow in just a word or two (or three, perhaps, if necessary).

I've got my sewing table centered in front of window so it appears I'm sewing in the middle of the yard!

I decided to try Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial for a "stack and whack" block - a simple block that showcases fabric easily.

I had a set of fat eights I purchased from Connecting Threads from their Quilter's Candy collection in dark blues, greens, indigo...naturally, it was on clearance and it was a new set of colors and fabrics for me to work with, so I snagged it.

Anyway, this morning I'm happily sewing away, sipping my cup of coffee and my darling husband traipses in with the coffee pot JUST to fill up my cup.  C'mon - say it with me.....


I realize that a lot of my posts recently have been full of conversations between my hubby and I, so in keeping with that trend, here's another I'll share with you.

Me:  "Hey babe, help me name my new quillow"

Him:  "Hmmmm.....Looks like it's very greeny and purply"

{I'm thinking descriptive terms like, ocean, lagoon, deep blue, etc.....}

Him:  "You should call it Gurple"...he states as he heads back to the kitchen...  Sometimes I consider him my 4th child - 53 years old and still a child at heart - gotta love it!!!

(BTW ~ if you happen to live near me and speak to my husband occasionally, please don't mention that you read about him on my blog!!!!  Thanks!)

 Anyway, I really enjoyed making these blocks and can't wait to put them together!  I plan on doing the same pattern with my Dr. Seuss fabrics and make a children's quillow.

I'm trying to train myself to use the knife on my sewing machine to cut threads in lieu of grabbing up the scissors all the time.

Do you use your knife?  Do you KNOW you probably have at least one or maybe more knives on your machine?  :)



Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

They're really pretty blocks.How about Saucy & Salacious? ☺

You have the sweetest hubby. He's a keeper...just like mine. DH brings me coffee every morning.

Kathleen said...

I like Gurple!

Pokey said...

Whatever you call it, it sure has rich hues. You are doing some great sewing. I've looked at those tutorial at cluck, cluck sew, Alison puts together great project doesn't she?
We are blessed with good men, I say he is a saint for puttin' up with me!

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