Friday, July 8, 2011

A Super Deal!

My sister-in-law is a professional quilter and has taken the plunge and purchased a longarm quilter for her growing quilting business.

Click HERE to see some of her quilting work.

She is graduating from a smaller setup which includes a Janome quilting machine combined with a quilt rack and handles for the machine, which she has up for sale!

She offered it to me but I'm so busy with my clothing business that I don't think I'd ever get the chance to use it.  Plus, I'm just not a bed-sized quilter, ya know.

BUT, it really is a super deal and I'm hoping we can find a good home for it.

Take a peek HERE.

The sewing machine is a Janome 1500P-DBX which is selling for about $800 right now, so to get the whole shebang for $750 is a super deal right off the bat - just for the machine!!!!  She's a very particular and immaculate person when it comes to caring for her tools so I know this machine is in tip-top shape!!

If you're interested, just follow the prompts in the attachment above to send her an email or you can always contact me if you'd like and I can relay any info and make the connection for you.

P.S. She also has a degree in web design so if you're looking for help in that area, she's available!!  :)


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Body by Kay said...

Hi. I'm interested in your sisters quilting machine. Please have her email me at Thank you!

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