Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Settled and Soaked

Remember these?...

I think I've finally settled on a pattern to use for my next quillow.  I always pick up the flyer for Wal-mart's "Quilt of the Month" if I like it, but I usually pass on the fabric.  I pulled this one out and thought it might suit these fabrics...I'm still nailing down which fabrics to use where...

Of course, I'll modify it a bit, cutting off a few rows and columns and adding sufficient border to fit my standard quillow size of 44 x 72.....and one block more for the pillow, of course.

These blocks finish out at 15-3/4" so that will be perfect.  I think this one was from 2009...an oldie!  You can download the pdf here along with several other ones.

I've finally dug myself out from under yet another huge to-do list and backorders so I've had a little fun creating a new brother/sister outfit set for my etsy shop.      Whaddya think?

It's made with Michael Miller's Magical Flower Fairies toile fabric in apple and a coordinating brown mini dot.  I've also ordered the purple colorway and will offer that, too.

Last week was filled with lots of anxiety and (unnecessary) tears so I also celebrated with a wonderful bubble bath and the last slice of coconut cake - yes, I eat in the bathtub!

This weekend we're going to make homemade ice cream and try this idea for a topping - hope I don't blow up the house or anything!



Mariliz said...

I have never eaten in the bathtub. Why have I never eaten in the bathtub???

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Those fabrics are so fresh and fun! They'll make a great quillow.

LOVE the new outfits! Adorable!

Hope your soak was a delicious as that cake looks! ☺

Happy Wednesday, sweet bloggy friend. Hope you're feeling better. ☺ (((HUGS)))

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