Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Quilt = 3 Quillows

What do I do for a living?Well, if I'm not helping my husband build houses....

Then, I'm stashed away in my sewing room making quillows to sell at craft shows across the state and on my website.

In case you didn't know, a quillow is a personal quilt that folds up into a pillow...also called "magic pillow" and "pillow quilt". I strive to create a unique product and not just an ordinary quillow - fronts and backs made from one fabric each. I love to make quilts, but they don't sell as well as the quillows do, so I try to turn my quilts into quillows - what I deem as an "affordable quilt". So, when Dana with Old Red Barn Co. started her quilt along a couple of months ago, naturally I wanted to join in and make the quilt. So, I started with something I already had in my fabric closet - a "Riviera" fat eighth sampler from Connecting Threads.

I ended up with three different block combinations and didn't really like them all put together in the quilt, so that's when I decided to turn it all into 3 separate quillows.

I LOVE this blue and orange one!

Then there's red and yellow...

...and I'm just finishing up the hand quilting on this brown and blue one.
Here it is in pillow form:

...and quilt form:

I just love the ingenuity of the quilt slipping into the pillow, but I truly wonder how many of my customers actually fold the quilt up back into pillow form! I know I'm too lazy for that! During the summer, ours stay in pillow form because they don't get used too much in the hot weather, but during the winter months, they NEVER get folded up!

Have a great Monday!
>^..^<~ Jenn

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