Friday, August 7, 2009

A God Thing

When I started this blog I mentioned that I "might share about my faith"
Well, today's one of those days when I need to do that. I've got a "God thing" just busting out of me that I have to share about because I hope it can help someone out there who needs a reminder that God does keep his promises to us and one of them is that if we are faithful to him, he will take care of us! I've been inspired and encouraged by other bloggers so, I guess, it's my turn to add a little....
I hope my son doesn't mind my telling his story to all the world, but here goes....

Jeff has been slowly running out of funds this summer and last Sunday he was down to about $48 to live off until he found a job! Yikes! He was sitting in church and the offering plate came around. Now, he knew that he hadn't tithed on the last paycheck he received from a temporary job, so, he said,

"OK...I can give $10, but I can't afford more"....well, that's not the 10% requested by God (see Holy Bible) and he knew it!

"But, all I have is $48 to live off and I don't have a steady job! What am I going to do?"

Still, he heard God pressing him to trust him and give what was the Lord', with a shaky hand, he wrote the check for $20 and placed it in the offering basket - scared about shorting himself so much and taking a leap of faith.

After this, he said the message given by the pastor gave him such a peace as he spoke of trusting God and giving what is due back to the Lord as a true offering thru his own experiences and such.

It was good to hear my son tell me this story and to hear the excitement in his voice as he told of the peace he received and the anticipation of waiting on the Lord to bring about his promises. He had already been to several places looking for a job, and was on his way to more when we finished our conversation.

Well, he called me back a couple of days later saying that he didn't have a job yet, but wanted to thank me for my this point I'm anxious to hear what the good news is. He had just received a check for $100 in the mail from his uncle as a belated birthday present (his birthday was in April). Now, my brother (his uncle) lives in England and doesn't have any clue as to what my son's financial woes are at this time, so, in my opinion, it was definitely a "God thing"! God knows that sometimes we need to see a "miracle" in our own lives to help us with our faith. I know this wasn't a dramatic healing of cancer or the raising of someone from the dead, but I see all "miracles" from God, no matter how small, as wonderful and amazing because it reminds me how real God is and how he wants to help us and grow our faith in him. How else can we minister to others and help them find peace and joy in Christ than to experience it ourselves - to have specific examples of God's working in our simple lives and share these with others who need to hear.

So, I'm still praying for my son to find a job and I know that God is already working on that! Perhaps I'll get a chance to share another "God thing" with you before too long!


Update - Jeff just landed a job as a waiter at Ruby Tuesday and he is so excited! He's always wanted to try his hand at serving and he's got his chance now!


On a different note and back in the quilting spectrum of life, I've finally gotten started on Crazy Mom Quilts "quilt along" with the scrappy nine-patch block quilt....

although all I've been able to do is go thru my scraps and scrounge about 20 blocks worth out of's definitely time consuming and inspires me to be more organized as I carelessly toss another scrap into the basket!

I also turned the Old Red Barn quilt along into 3 quillows....I started with a fat eighths pack of fabric from Connecting Threads called "Riviera" and ended up separating the blocks into 3 different color schemes and turning each into a quillow - a quilt that folds up into a pillow - two of three pillow parts shown here...the third is in browns, greens and blues and is completely assembled and downstairs waiting to be hand quilted. You can visit my website for more information on this business adventure of mine.



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Kim said...

That is a wonderful story full of faith. A job will come along soon!

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