Friday, January 22, 2010

Cupcakes and Construction

For some reason, I am just craving a cupcake!

Now that our kids are grown up, we don't have cupcakes too often, if ever, actually!  No need to bake 600 cupcakes for the girl scouts bake sale, or for the sunday school function, or even for the class valentine party.  Nope - we are DONE with those days!......*sigh*

Also, my husband really doesn't like cupcakes because it's hard to get your mouth around one, getting both cake and frosting in one bite, without shoving the frosting up your nose!  Well, that's his problem that he hasn't learned the art of gracefully eating a cupcake.  Perhaps I haven't either, but at this point, I don't care because TODAY, I am going to make CUPCAKES!  And I think they will be my favorite flavor - the flavor of a wedding cake - white on white!  Yuuuu-UM!

BUT, before I get to play in the kitchen today, there are things to be done.  Yesterday I literally spent all day sitting in front of the computer, shuffling papers, paying bills, processing shipping labels, paying sales tax, blah, blah, blah....and I STILL didn't finish!  Today, I really need to sign up for some craft shows for this year before Spring is upon us!  We'll be starting the new construction project on Monday and I'll have to report to "cute construction girl" duty by the first of February.  I have to admit that I am looking forward to it a bit, but I will definitely be missing some sewing time.  You'll also be seeing a lot of construction pictures from me as I plan to take progress photos for the homeowners.

That's me, the "truss monkey", on one of our previous projects

Today, I also must run some errands - yes, I get to see people today - and I'll be wearing my red moccasins in support of my friend's cause.

Please take time to visit her blog, Red Shoes for Rwanda, and find out what all the red-shoe-hoopla is all about!  It's definitely worth your time to either make a donation or a pledge (it can even be a dime a day) or to wear red shoes on Fridays, thinking of her!

One more thing...I need a favor from y'all (yes, we do say that down here).  I am trying to get the borders done on this quillow, but I can't seem to make up my mind between these three options for the inner border....perhaps you can give a shout out about which one you think looks better - PUH-Leez!!!
Leave me a comment as to which you think looks best - blue, lavender, or yellow.

Thank you and have a great Friday!


funk_gunk_gal said...

oh oh pick the yellow one!

Foster Momma said...

I agree...the yellow is my favorite! So bright & cheery!

quiltmom said...

I like the blue or the yellow - it depends if you want it to be more subtle or brighter. Both of the combinations work - it is just a matter of what look you want.
Hope you had a great time with the cupcakes.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Jenn~ Thank you so much for posting my blog information! I love you, girl! Love the Moc's too. I posted your photo on my site! :)
I'm sure you are done sewing by now, since you are super fast, but going against the top votes, I guess I would have to say I like the blue one the best. Yellow would be my next pick, but I like them all! You are an amazing seamstress. I'll be sending you that $ as soon as I get my allowance :) xxoo

Do cupcakes ship well across the country ?!? :) ha ha!

a fan of anything chocolate said...

Fist of all, thank you for listing my blog on yours. I have listed yours on mine as well.
Secondly, I love the cupcakes! As you might guess from my name, I definitely AM " a fan of anything chocolate" so the chocolate on chocolate one has my mouth watering. Don't you love the ease of frosting with a pastry tube and it looks so great.
And lastly, I am also a fan of blue so will choose that as my fave with yellow as a close second for your quillow. The colors are lovely!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Blue first yellow second.

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