Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warming Back Up

It finally stopped raining, but the temperature dropped significantly overnight and we woke up to an icy wonderland.

We lost power for a couple of hours thru the night and I was prepared to spend the day in the cold without electricity (I had plenty of hand quilting ready), but everything fired back up by 7:00 this morning.  I was mostly worried about losing all the food in the frig and freezer, so that was a relief.

But, the sun is out now and everything is melting quickly, so I rushed to get my photo op while it lasted.

My husband took advantage of being cooped up in the house for the past day or so.  Yesterday I mentioned that he wanted some candied sweet potatoes and using Gramma Baker's recipe, they turned out pretty good!  I was impressed!  Later that day, he decided to make us all an afternoon snack - quesadillas!  Why does food always taste better when someone cooks for you?  Is it because it's so nice to have someone make you a tasty little snack and you didn't have to lift a finger to do it!

My husband always cooks breakfast on Sunday mornings, but this morning he decided to get creative.   Wednesday night I had dinner with a friend at a local Greek restaurant.  As I was paying my bill at the counter, I noticed they had cannollis in the dessert case.  My husband loves them so I decided to bring him home a treat.  While he was enjoying his treat, he got to thinking...that can be dangerous when he does that sometimes!  :)
So, to the point, he decided he would make some breakfast cannollis.  He used pieces of steel pipe and wrapped them in foil.

Then he wrapped crescent roll dough around each pipe, baked it according to the package, and stuffed the cooked rolls with sausage and eggs and topped it with cheese.

Quite a creation and they were definitely tasty!  He was going to make some "dessert" ones by mixing up some cream cheese with sugar and perhaps some jam and stuff the rolls that way, but we forgot to get cream cheese at the grocery store this week.

They have cancelled church today in our area, so we will be staying inside and watching it thaw outside.

Stay warm, wherever you are!


Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

what a clever idea! :) Those look very yummy. Glad you didn't lose all your food! That would be awful. I keep a sack of ice in the freezer in case that happens I can shove it in the cooler. We lose electricity a lot around here :( tear.... xoxo

pinksuedeshoe said...

These photos are absolutely stunning. I can't get over how beautiful it all looks, like it has been covered with diamonds.

Dayna said...

My daughter's reaction was, "Oh my word! He is The Man!"

Yumminess, for sure! I want some. If I were you, I'd tape photos of iciness outside on all of the windows, just to keep him inspired.

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