Monday, January 4, 2010

Already busy again

I truly enjoyed the laziness of the last couple of weeks, although I don't really think I was that lazy.  Now, today - I have been just that!  It's after 11 AM and I am still in my robe and jammies! 

My husband and I have been hard at work laying hardwood floor at our house project in the town of Kershaw and today he has so kindly given me the day off and I plan to head to my sewing room shortly after I finish this post! :)

Typically, I'll rack the pieces along the floor in front of the area where the wood is to be laid.  Then, he comes along with his air gun and nails the pieces in.  It's really fun - kinda like putting together a puzzle because you don't want the seams to be to close together and sometimes it's challenging to find just the right sized piece.  Today he's working on some hand nailing because when you get close to the wall, the gun won't fit and you have to face nail all the pieces.  Thus, my day off from racking!!!  There's a lot of bending over and crawling around on your knees so we both enjoyed the weekend of rest from this somewhat painful job.

Lately, I can't seem to keep my hands still so I have been busy doing all the fun sewing things I don't get to do when I have masses of quillow orders to make!

My daughter got this cute little teapot for Christmas and wanted a tea cozy to keep it warm.  It is a very small teapot and I don't have any cozy patterns anyway, so I had to create one of my own.  I think it turned out nicely the first time, and that's rare for me!  She definitely likes it, and that's all that matters.

I've also been working on patchwork quillows.

Red and Aqua

Carpet of Flowers

Rainbow Diamonds

Don't know what to call this one - the pillow was an attempt at Drunkard's Path but I'm having trouble with sewing circles and it turned out much different that it was supposed to, but I think it looks OK.  I gave up on the quilt and just made it plain - the pillow was sufficient circle sewing for me at this time!

I got inspiration from Terry and am designing a scrappy heart patchwork quillow.

I'm also dreaming up something blue and brown

maybe something shabby rose

I've made good use of my own personal quilt while watching TV.

I cuddle up in it every night in my easy chair as we keep our home temperature at a not-so-balmy 68° to save on energy costs.  I really don't mind as it gives me a chance to wear my sweatshirts and sweaters that don't get used too much here in the South.  Every time I get under it, I always enjoy each block and the combination of the two coordinating prints!  I truly enjoy scrappy quilts the best!!!

Speaking of scrappy, I just joined a new swap and am excited to get going on it as I will probably use the blocks I receive to make more patchwork quillows.

I'm also working on a birthday present for a dear friend.  She has been spending more time in the kitchen lately, enjoying baking and such, and she needs an apron.  A couple of years ago, I made my first quillow (the unbeknownst beginning of my sewing business) and she said she loved the colors I used in it.

So, I have actually dug up some of those fabrics and that is what her apron will be made out of.

(I don't think she reads my blog, so I hope this post isn't a surprise wrecker!)

Oh yeah, let's not forget embroidery, as I need something to do while we travel (and sometimes that's just travelling to the closest fabric store which is about an hour away!)

I finished several blocks from Cheryl's Verandah Views from 2009 and hope to get started eventually on her new series, Under the Sea.

I have a dear friend that I grew up with in church when we both lived in Montana, who is endeavoring to wear red shoes as many days as possible in the year 2010, and pairing it with an effort to raise money for the children of Rwanda.

I won't go into detail about what she is doing, instead I'll include the link to her website, Red Shoes for Rwanda, and I want to encourage everyone to visit and consider supporting her in this adventure!  I'm pledging 25 cents for every day she wears red shoes.  She now lives in Washington state and I in South Carolina but we manage to keep in touch through this wonderful thing called the internet!  Please stop by her blog and "read all about it"

So, I guess that's it for now....perhaps I should get dressed!  :)


Rae Ann said...

What a great post! I can't believe how talented you are! All of the quillows are gorgeous.
The teapot cozy turned out so cute! I think I need to adopt some of your creativity. And your stitchng...Wow!
I love it that you work with your husband. My husband and I use to work side by side in our business. Now I miss those days.

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Love the tea cozy! Great job! AMAZING quilts! I enjoyed my apron A LOT over the holidays and I cherish it. Thank you again. Thanks for the Red Shoe Plug, too! :) I am in LUST/LOVE w/the aqua and red quilt. SO gorgeous. I love those colors together, and was just telling Shan when she was here that I should wear a lot of aqua this year because it goes so very well w/ red!
xxoo Happy Monday...

Katy said...

Just thought I'd stop in and say Hi! Looks like we'll be swapping together!

Oh, and love the red shoes idea! I think everyone should do this!


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