Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm not one to usually do a quick post, I end up rambling on about all I'm into and adding tons of pictures (I love pictures - they really make a blog easier to read), but I wanted to shoot out a quick post so that perhaps my next post won't be so long and drawn out!

First of all, I finished my blocks for the No Sew Block Swap.

I made up one of each and then packaged up the other 8 blocks to send to Kathleen.
I really like the red white and blue one but I wish I would've chosen a darker pink for the green pink white block.  I've also printed up all my instructions for the blocks in both my groups....can you tell that I can't wait to get my blocks back?!!! :)

Also, I just finished up that apron for my "friend".

I've got lots to do today in preparation for the weekend, so I best get going.
Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

your "friends" apron looks good!

Red Shoes for Rwanda said...

Awwww...I don't like quickies! :) LOL! HOW is it your kitchen is so bare and spotless!?!?!?! My kitchen always looks like a bomb went off in there. Between kids stuff everywhere and stepping over 3 dogs (two of them VERY large ones) who won't leave my side in the kitchen, and just crap everywhere it is a mess! How does your quilt square exchange work? Did you make the steak? when did you get so interested in quilting? Answer all of the above and I will grade it and get back to you. This is a pop quiz :) xxoo

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Love the apron.

Kathleen said...

Your blocks look great - I kinda like the light pink. And I love the apron! So cute!

Karen said...

I love ur blocks....and you included the directions....thats really nice...maybe I'll do that too.

Katy said...

Love the blocks! Now since you posted a pic of yours, I will post mine! Got my practice finished last night just to make sure I liked it (loved it!!!) and now to cut and package tonight. Can't wait to get them all back!


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